Instructions for Nominators:
*All nominators must be ASCPT members.

  1. Before nominating a candidate for an award, please visit the corresponding webpage below to familiarize yourself with the specific award criteria for the award:

  2. Fill out and submit the ASCPT Scientific Awards Nomination Form.

  3. Pull together your nomination package. The nomination package should include:
    1. One nominator’s assessment (max length 5 pages) summarizing important aspects of the nominee’s CV and a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the candidate’s outstanding attributes that qualify the person for the specific award. The assessment is to be written by the lead nominator.
    2. 1-3 letters of recommendation (max length 2 pages each) preferably including at least one from outside the nominee’s institution. The lead nominator is responsible for coordinating and collating these letters into one package.
    3. The candidate’s CV (max length 25 pages) highlighting in particular the scientific accomplishments and qualifications for the award; or in the case of the Henry W. Elliott Distinguished Service Award, the candidate’s extraordinary commitment of time and talent to ASCPT. 
    *The nomination package should not include copies of publications or other copyrighted or protected intellectual property

  4. Send all documents in one e-mail to by the award nomination deadline, Thursday, June 1, 2017.


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