Finance Committee

Oversees the finances of the Society


  • Monitor the financial performance of the Society, reviewing the financial statements generated by ASCPT’s accounting firm
  • Monitor performance of an investment manager
  • Review annual audit
  • Review and recommend adjustments to ASCPT’s membership, registration and product fees, as necessary

Time commitment: 4.5 hours of meetings and conference calls; 10 hours outside of calls

Typical schedule: One 90 minute face to face meeting at the Annual Meeting 
                            Three one hour conference calls throughout the year (one meeting/call per quarter)

Other considerations: The Finance Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, one other Board Member, and at least one at-large member. The President shall appoint the other Board Member and the at-large member to the Committee. The committee should be comprised of members from the different segments of the discipline who have an interest in finances, preferably as senior staff in their own organizations that have experience overseeing companies or large units.

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