Scientific Program Committee

Designs the overall program for the Annual Meeting, including the identification of speakers, the development of the session schedule, and the selection of abstracts submitted through the scientific sections.


  • Determine the theme and focus of the annual meeting
  • Determine the basic schedule for the main conference events, working within the constraints of the facility and ASCPT’s budget
  • Identify, select, solicit and invite the Featured Speakers, as well as the speakers for the State-of-the Art Lectures, and the Oral Presentations
  • Select symposia and workshops
  • Select and invite the annual Presidential Trainee Award Winners from the pool of trainees who submitted the top-rated abstracts for the conference
  • Review and select the abstracts
  • Coordinate the on-site introduction of the speakers at their sessions
  • Participate, as needed by staff, in conference events on site, review conference evaluations and offer suggestions for future conferences accordingly

Time commitment: 12 hours in meetings; 10-15 hours outside of meetings.

Typical schedule: 3 conference calls (May, July, September) 
                           1 face-to-face meeting (October)

Other considerations: Committee members are required to review abstracts and proposals for Symposia, Workshops, and Science at Sunrise. SPC members cannot review abstracts for their section.

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