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CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology (CPT:PSP) provides a unique international forum for scientists in the pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology space. CPT:PSP is an official journal of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP).
CPT:PSP is a timely online-only, cross-disciplinary journal devoted to publishing advances in quantitative methods as applied in pharmacology, physiology, and therapeutics in humans. The scope of the journal spans pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology. The full scope of the journal is available in the CPT:PSP Guide to Authors. The common focus of the journal is on quantitative methods that improve our understanding of pharmacology and therapeutics in humans.
The fully open access format of the journal, supported by an Article Processing Charge, means that all articles are made freely available for all to read immediately upon publication. CPT:PSP utilizes a the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
CPT:PSP is now available online at the Wiley Online Library.  New content is published regularly. 

CPT:PSP Webinar
Title: Pharmacokinetics and Dose Adjustments for Monoclonal Antibodies in IBD - Considerations and Applications in Clinical Practice
Presenters: Diane Mould, PhD, and Anne Strik, MD
Description: Watch the inaugural PSP webinar for a review of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and the impact of patient factors on drug exposure. Delve into the current research regarding the importance of preventing low concentrations during a dosing interval and the relationship of subtherapuetic exposure to the probability of patients developing anti-drug antibodies.  The clinical features of IBD and the problems physicians face with mAb’s was also discussed along with a dashboard system demonstration of a patient using Infliximab.

Click here to read the presenters' responses to attendee questions received during the live presentation. 

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