Themed Virtual Issues

PSP is pleased to announce that it now offers online virtual issues devoted to the following areas: Cancer, Diabetes, PBPK Modeling, Pediatrics, Reviews, and Tutorials.  These virtual issues are compiled collections of cutting-edge PSP content into themed issues for ease of readability and convenience for the journal's global readership.

Cancer - The intent of this compilation of CPT:PSP articles is to provide a current, evolving overview of how pharmacometric and systems pharmacology principles are being applied to this complex disease

Cardiovascular System - The Cardiovascular System virtual issue of CPT:PSP illustrates how the resulting integrated pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology models are being applied in current drug discovery and development, pharmacological research, and regulatory sciences.

Diabetes - This collection of CPT:PSP articles provides an up-to-date overview of state-of-the-art Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology research in diabetes.

Hematology - This virtual issue of CPT:PSP provides an up-to-date overview of the breadth and depth of state-of-the-art application of advanced pharmacometrics and QSP in hematology in drug discovery, development, and clinical practice.

Infectious Diseases - This virtual issue of CPT:PSP covers a wide range of models for virus, bacteria, fungi, and parasites and exemplifies and discusses the value of models for improved treatments and trial designs in this area.

Liver - ​The Liver Virtual Issue CPT:PSP is a resource of state-of-the-art original research, reviews, and tutorials of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology science and applications in the field of hepatology. 

PBPK Modeling - This collection of articles provides the state-of-the-art applications of PBPK models. It would serve to give an up-to-date overview on the subject for researchers in the field of Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology who wish to familiarize themselves with this fast moving specialty within the modeling and simulation community.

Pediatrics - The objective of this series of CPT:PSP articles is to provide a current, and evolving overview of how physiologically-based PKPD modeling, pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology principles are being applied to quantify the effects of growth and maturation on drug disposition and effects to facilitate the development of age-appropriate medication and dosing algorithms.

Reviews - CPT:PSP Reviews provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art overviews of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology approaches and in-depth systematic reviews of applications in disease areas.

Safety Pharmacology - In addition to its growing use and impact in predicting and optimizing drug efficacy, pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology is also increasingly being applied to define and maximize the benefit-risk profile of pharmacological interventions through quantitative assessment of safety liabilities. The aim of this virtual issue of CPT:PSP is to publish cutting edge development and application of such methods in drug discovery and development and clinical usage, as well as providing readers with state-of-the-art overviews and tutorials.

Tutorials - Tutorials are educational articles providing practical tutorial on tools, methodologies, and approaches in pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology. Tutorials aim to increase the awareness and potential of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology outside the disciplines, introduce methodology to newcomers interested in model-based approaches, and provide further training and specialized guides to those already working in the field.

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