Embargo Policy for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Authors must not discuss contributions with the media (including other scientific journals) until the publication date. The only exception is in the week before publication, during which contributions may be discussed with the media if authors and their representatives (institutions, funders) clearly indicate to journalists that their contents must not be publicized until the journal’s press embargo has elapsed. Authors will be informed of embargo dates and timings after acceptance for publication of their articles. We reserve the right to halt the consideration or publication of a paper if this condition is broken. From time to time CPT will distribute to a registered list a press release summarizing selected content of the next issue’s publication. Journalists are encouraged to read the full version of any papers they wish to cover, and are given the names of corresponding authors, together with phone and fax numbers and email addresses. They receive access to the full text of papers about a week before publication on a password-protected website, together with other relevant material (for example, an accompanying News and Views article, and any extra illustrations provided by the authors). The content of the press release and papers is embargoed until the time and date clearly stated on the press release. Authors may therefore receive calls or emails from the media during this time; we encourage them to cooperate with journalists so that media coverage of their work is accurate and balanced. Authors whose papers are scheduled for publication may also arrange their own publicity (for instance through their institutional press offices), but they must strictly adhere to our press embargo.

Accepted abstracts are published in the February supplement of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Academic institutions, private organizations, and companies with products whose values may be influenced by information contained in an abstract may issue a press release to coincide with the availability of an abstract. However, information beyond that contained in the abstract, e.g., discussion of the abstract done as part of a scientific presentation or presentation of additional or new information that will be available at the time of the meeting, is embargoed until the start of the ASCPT Annual Meeting.

Information released prior to this day is a violation of the ASCPT Abstract Embargo Policy and may result in the abstract being withdrawn from the meeting and other measures deemed appropriate.  Authors are responsible for notifying financial and other sponsors about this policy.

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