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The ASCPT Member Spotlight is a forum to recognize and thank a member of ASCPT who has supported the Society's endeavors. We also highlight the Member of the Month, along with two other members, in each issue of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. We hope you will enjoy learning about fellow members and as always, encourage your participation in Society events and activities.

Andrea Leigh Hahn, MD: July Member Spotlight

Andrea Leigh Hahn, MD, Children's National Medical Center, Infectious Disease, Washington, DC

Dr. Hahn learned about ASCPT through her involvement in the National Institutes of Health T32 Training program in Pediatric Clinical and Developmental Pharmacology. Her mentor during the T32 training was Alexander A. Vinks, PharmD, PhD, at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. It was Dr. Vinks who referred Dr. Hahn to ASCPT. Since she has joined ASCPT, her favorite aspect of membership is attending the Annual Meeting where she is able to see the newest research in the field and connect with colleagues. Beyond the meeting, her membership in ASCPT inspired her to apply for board certification in clinical pharmacology, which she received in 2015.

Currently, Dr. Hahn is investigating the impact of antibiotics on changes in the lung microbiome in children with cystic fibrosis. She is specifically interested in optimal vs. suboptimal therapy and the development of antibiotic resistance. She is also currently working on her MS in Health Sciences in Clinical and Translational Research at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Dr. Hahn has been a member of ASCPT since 2012.

Thank you, Dr. Hahn, for your continued commitment to ASCPT and the discipline of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine.

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July 2017: Andrea Leigh Hahn, MD

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