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The ASCPT Member Spotlight is a forum to recognize and thank a member of ASCPT who has supported the Society's endeavors. We also highlight the Member of the Month, along with two other members, in each issue of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. We hope you will enjoy learning about fellow members and as always, encourage your participation in Society events and activities.

Albert J. Azzaro, PhD: May Member Spotlight

ASCPT is proud to recognize Albert J. Azzaro, PhD as the May 2017 Member of the Month.

Albert J. Azzaro, PhD, Vice President Research and Development, Sagene Pharmaceuticals, Oldsmar, FL

Dr. Azzaro originally trained as a neuropharmacologist. He spent half of his career doing academic research and teaching in the neurological areas. When his professional career took him into the drug development field he became more interested in the clinical aspects of the discipline of clinical pharmacology. At this time he joined ASCPT. His membership provided him with a forum for clinical research interactions and current applications to successfully move products forward on the pharmaceutical development side. Now he classifies himself as “semi-retired” but he still finds that ASCPT is his preferred clinical pharmacology society. He feels that the journals provide a good balance between basic information and clinical application. He encourages young investigators to seek a clinical venue, such as ASCPT, much like he did. This will help with the application of their research data to clinical needs and the growth and development of their professional careers.

Dr. Azzaro has been a member of ASCPT since 2012.

Thank you, Dr. Azzaro, for your continued commitment to ASCPT and the discipline of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine.

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