CPT Permission Guidelines

Authors are responsible for obtaining and providing CPT with grants of permission to use any material that is reproduced or adapted from a previously published source or that is unpublished but owned by a third party. In general, any material that has appeared in print before is legally owned under copyright by the publisher and permission must be obtained to reuse it either in part or whole.
• If you are an author of the work from which material is being reused, contact the publisher who owns copyright to determine what permissions, if any, are necessary. 
• All necessary permissions must be provided to Wiley prior to publication. Failure to provide necessary permissions will delay publication.

CPT authors do not need to obtain permission for the following:
• Reuse of their original figures or tables, either in part or whole, in your future works, provided that CPT is cited as the copyright holder. 
• Making copies of their papers for their own personal use, including classroom use, provided that copies are not for sale. 
• Use of all or part of their article in printed compilations of their own works. 
• Authors who have received funding from the NIH on which the printed work is based may deposit the accepted version of the paper into PubMed no sooner than 12 months after publication.

For any use of the work not stated above, you must request permission through Wiley.

All permission requests to reuse CPT published works must be submitted electronically to Wiley.
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