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Drug-Drug Interactions Lost in Translation
Several analyses have previously demonstrated the delay of translating new information of clinically significant drug-drug interactions (DDIs) to drug labels, and the lack of consistency of drug-drug interaction labeling between the interacting drugs. The brief report...[read more]



Tell me if this sounds familiar: after a stroke of genius, you come up with an important, clinically relevant, scientific question. You spend months perfecting the proposal and study design, maybe even generate some preliminary data! If the academic and financial stars align, YOU SECURE FUNDING to execute...[read more
Harmonization for Truly Global Clinical Trials: What’s the Next Step?
Today in 2017, multiple registration trials from phase I through phase III are being conducted at my institution, which is an academic research organization located in southern Japan. As late phase studies, especially phase III trials, tend to become larger, a number of such confirmatory studies...[read more
Intra-target Microdosing:  Small Doses, Big Impact
Microdosing, an approach which uses doses 1/100th of the anticipated minimum effective dose or a dose of 100 mg, whichever is lower, is a well-established method to study pharmacokinetic characteristics and drug-drug interaction susceptibility of drug candidates and drugs for which significant increases in exposure may pose...[read more
In a recent paper published in Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) entitled “Influence of OATP1B1 Function on the Disposition of Sorafenib-beta-D-Glucuronide”, Bins and colleagues employed a comprehensive experimental approach to investigate...[read more
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