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2017 Downloads and Attention at Clinical and Translational Science

The vision for Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) is to become the beacon and organizing principle for the field of translational medicine, as well as to provide a vehicle for ASCPT member publications. This vision is well-aligned with the 2015-2020 ASCPT Strategic Plan asserting that the Society’s influence and leadership make it the authority on the science and practice of translational medicine, building on a foundation of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.

Thanks to the ASCPT membership, CTS authors and readers, and the many folks who make the Journal work – including editors, reviewers, as well as ASCPT and Wiley staff – CTS had a second successful, impactful year on the journey to becoming a beacon of translational medicine. The Journal owes its success to all of you.

Measures of that impact include downloads and Altmetric scores. The three most downloaded articles published in 2017* were:

  1. Current Status of Companion and Complementary Diagnostics: Strategic Considerations for Development and Launch by Scheerens et al. with 6,475 full text downloads, 
  2. Gene Therapy 2017: Progress and Future Directions by Keeler et al. with 3,818 downloads, and 
  3. Clinical Pharmacology and Translational Aspects of Bispecific Antibodies by Trivedi et al. with 3,060 downloads. 

The most downloaded article of all time in CTS, Immunotherapy and Novel Combinations in Oncology: Current Landscape, Challenges, and Opportunities by Morrissey et al., was published in 2016 and has had 11,133 downloads, suggesting substantial impact in the field. 

The Altmetric score is a measure of the global attention articles garner, including through news outlets and social media. The three articles published in 2017 with the highest Altmetric scores* were: 

  1. Future of Rare Diseases Research 2017–2027: An IRDiRC Perspective by Austin et al., 
  2. Progress in Rare Diseases Research 2010–2016: An IRDiRC Perspective by Dawkins et al., and 
  3. Plasma Catechols After Eating Olives by Goldstein et al. 

The article with the highest Altmetric score in the past two years in CTS, Animal-to-Human Dose Translation of Obiltoxaximab for Treatment of Inhalational Anthrax Under the US FDA Animal Rule by Nagy et al., was published in 2016, again suggesting substantial attention.

Will you have the next download or Altmetric winner? Submit to CTS and find out. Join us in our vision with your submissions.


*as of December 7, 2017 

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