Cinical and Translational Science

The American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics is pleased to announce that John A. Wagner, MD, PhD, has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Society's newly acquired journal, Clinical and Translational Science (CTS). 

Dr. Wagner's experience encompasses a broad spectrum of clinical and translational science, and he is highly respected for his roles both within and outside of ASCPT. Dr. Wagner has over 20 years of academic and industry professional experience, including pharmaceutical research and development, translational medicine, experimental medicine, clinical pharmacology, biomarkers and surrogate endpoints, modeling and simulation, and precompetitive collaborations. Currently, he is head of Clinical and Translational Sciences at Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co.  Dr. Wagner received his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine and his PhD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Wagner has a strong history of service to ASCPT, which includes serving as an active reviewer, guest editor and member of the Editorial Board of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CPT).  Dr. Wagner has also served on the ASCPT Scientific Program Committee, and as a member of the ASCPT Board, inclusive of serving as President of our Society. During his time on the Board, Dr. Wagner assisted with the decision to launch CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology and, as President, was instrumental in the acquisition of CTS. In the coming weeks and months, Dr. Wagner will work closely with the ASCPT Board and staff to rebrand CTS as an ASCPT journal, build the editorial leadership of CTS, and solicit content for publication in January 2016 and beyond. On his appointment as Editor-in-Chief of CTS, Dr. Wagner said: "I am honored and privileged to help drive our vision to enhance CTS' role as a beacon of translational medicine."

The selection of Dr. Wagner as Editor-in-Chief of CTS results from an exhaustive search by the CTS Steering and Search Committee, chaired by Kim L. R. Brouwer, PharmD, PhD, and inclusive of Mario Rocci, Jr., PhD; Kellie Reynolds, PharmD; Raymond Hohl, MD, PhD; Aubrey Stoch, MD; and Donald Mager, PharmD, PhD. Dr. Wagner's experience, bold vision, and enthusiasm for translational medicine and therapeutics identified him as being uniquely prepared to lead the re-branding of CTS and to realize the goal of re-creating the journal as a beacon for the field of translational medicine and as another home for ASCPT member research.  Mario Rocci Jr., ASCPT President, stated, "John is an outstanding addition to our team of world class journal editors.  Under his leadership, CTS will continue its evolution into a top-notch offering for the clinical and translational science community, further rounding out our strong portfolio of journals."  

As the third journal in the ASCPT family of journals, CTS will encompass original research across the broad spectrum of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine and will bridge the gap between laboratory discovery and practice. 

We congratulate Dr. Wagner on his appointment as Editor-in-Chief of CTS and look forward to his stewardship of the journal. 


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