Pharmacometrics Skills Competition

The Competition is On – Join Us as these Four Teams Compete Live at the Annual Meeting!

ASCPT is excited to announce the four teams who will compete live at the Pharmacometrics Skills Competition: MIDD Gran Prix!
Congratulations to these teams:

Professional Teams
GEMS (GEnentech ModelerS): Vidya Ramakrishnan, PhD, Genentech; Matts Kagedal, PhD, Genentech; Michael Dolton, PhD, Genentech; Phyllis Chan, PhD, Genentech; and Kenta Yoshida, PhD, Genentech

Supermodels: Akekemi Taylor, PhD, Certara; Yuan Xiong, PhD, Certara; Leon Pheng, PhD, Certara; Benjamin Rich, PhD, Certara; and Thomas Peyret, PhD, Certara

Student/Trainee Teams
Leiden PMX: Sebastiaan Goulooze, MSc, Leiden University; Linda Aulin, MSc, Leiden University; Sinziana Cristea, MSc, Leiden University; Michiel van Esdonk, MSc, Leiden University; and Rob van Wijk, PhD, Leiden University

Team Maryland: Alejandro Perez Pitarch, PhD, ORISE, US Food and Drug Administration; Ken Ogasawara, PhD, ORISE, US Food and Drug Administration; and Beatriz Guglieri Lopez, PhD, University of Maryland

Here’s what you need to know:
What is it?
This live, team-based competition demonstrates approaches to complex data analysis, and underscores the importance of communication skills for pharmacometricians. Competing teams were provided with a complex simulated data set at the end of October and were tasked with proposing a drug development decision in a 10-page report at the end of January. 

Who competed?
The competition was open anyone who wanted to participate! To showcase early and more senior individuals working within pharmacometrics, teams were formed as either Professional or Student/Trainee. 33 teams registered, and 13 submitted a report for consideration – 5 from Professional teams and 8 from Student/Trainee teams. A blinded consideration process allowed individuals from Certara and the University of North Carolina to compete. To further prevent any conflicts of interest, individuals serving as organizers and expert judges at the live competition were not permitted to compete.

What were the reports requirements?
The submitted 10-page reports included an executive summary for a non-pharmacometrician describing the recommended decision, available information and how it was analyzed, and a recommended action. Teams were required to describe the nature of their data, their assumptions, their models to be explored (PK, PD), and their model qualification process, with their analysis tied back to their stated objectives and their key findings defined. 

What was the selection process?
A double-blinded review process, inclusive of removing all team identifiers from the reports, was used to assess each submission for appropriateness and novelty of the approach, technical soundness, clarity in written communications, and strength of supporting evidence for the drug development decision. Each blinded submission was assigned to two experts in the field who used a previously designed rubric to score their assigned reports. Following review, the top two reports from each category (Professional and Student/Trainee) were identified based on scoring by the expert reviewers and teams were notified and required to identify one member of their team to present live at the Annual Meeting. 

How will the live judging process work?
An expert panel will rate the live presentations on the strength of the oral communication skills and ability of the team representatives to present complex materials and analyses to those without the same level of technical expertise, as well as their ability to answer panel member questions. The audience will be able vote on the presentations, and the top team from each category (Professional and Student/Trainee) will ultimately be identified by the judging panel and announced on-site at the conclusion of the session at the Annual Meeting. 

When will the live competition be held?
This special event will be held on Saturday, March 24, 2018, 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM and is open to all registered attendees of the 2018 Annual Meeting!

ASCPT thanks the following individuals for their participation in this exciting session:
Julie Dumond, PharmD, University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Mark R. Lovern, PhD, Certara
Alan Forrest, PharmD, University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Nathan S. Teuscher, PhD, Certara

Panel of Judges
Jill Fielder-Kelly, MS, Cognigen Corporation
Richard L. Lalonde, PharmD, Bradeton, FL
France Mentré, MD, PhD, University of Paris Diderot, Paris, France
Carl C. Peck, MD, University of California, San Francisco Center for Drug Development Science
Issam Zineh, PharmD, US Food and Drug Administration

ASCPT also thanks the individuals who served as reviewers of the submitted reports. 

Plan now to join us for the Pharmacometrics Skills Competition: MIDD Gran Prix at the Annual Meeting, and download the 2018 Annual Meeting mobile app by searching “ASCPT” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store so that you can cast your live vote!

We look forward to seeing you there! Not yet registered for the 2018 Annual Meeting? Register now!

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