What Your Colleagues Have to Say About ASCPT Membership

  Richard L. Lalonde, PharmD, describes how his ASCPT membership has benefitted him and his career.

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  "ASCPT is unique because of the seamless collaboration of scientists from academia, industry, and government. The collaboration ensures that members are exposed to the constant growth and change in the field of clinical pharmacology. There is a continued discussion of the basic concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. However, we also find new ways to study and apply the science of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine." --Kellie S. Reynolds, PharmD 

  Nancy Lass, MD, lists the many different ways that ASCPT members can get involved with the Society.

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  John A Wagner, MD, PhD, discusses how his ASCPT membership has impacted him and his career.

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  "I decided to join because the focus of the organization falls in line with my career goals, which include becoming a preeminent clinical pharmacologist and translational scientist whose research focuses on directly improving patient care outcomes. After discussions with several of my mentors, I was left with an indelible impression about what a positive experience an ASCPT membership would be upon my professional development. I envision my membership in ASCPT being the catalyst that will help springboard my career into action through networking and collaboration with some of the brightest and most well-respected minds in the field." --Daniel Crona, PharmD

  Raymond J. Hohl, MD, PhD, reflects on why you should join ASCPT.

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