2017 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Thank you for your participation in the ASCPT Member Get a Member Campaign!

As members you are the greatest testimony to the benefits of belonging to ASCPT  and we are grateful that you have shared that testimony with your colleagues

The 2016 Overall Member-Get-a-Member winner is:
In-Jin Jang, MD, PhD
Seoul National University College of Medicine and Hospital

"ASCPT has been the most important organization for my career as a professor and researcher. I first attended 94th Annual Meeting of ASCPT in 1993 and since then I am a regular attendee. ASCPT provided me chances to meet many distinguished mentors and friends such as Carl Peck, Arthur Atkinson, David Flockhart and so on, who directed my path and inspired me. As a chair of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Seoul National University and Hospital, I am now encouraging my trainees to join ASCPT so that they could have similar benefit and experience that I had in the ASCPT activities."

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