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The ASCPT Member Spotlight is a forum to recognize and thank a member of ASCPT who has supported the Society's endeavors. We also highlight the Member of the Month, along with two other members, in each issue of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. We hope you will enjoy learning about fellow members and as always, encourage your participation in Society events and activities.

Aline B. Barth, PhD: September Member Spotlight

Aline B. Barth, PhD, Clinical Pharmacologist, GSK, West Point, PA

Dr. Barth joined ASCPT when she was a PhD student at the University of Florida. Her objective at the time was to learn more about the work in the field outside academia and to become familiar with the latest scientific findings and trends in the field of clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics. She learned about ASCPT from Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, a senior colleague during her PhD studies. Dr. Gonzalez mentioned the great advantages that the organization provides for students. During a career roundtable discussion at the University of Florida, Dr. Hartmut Derendorf also emphasized the importance of joining professional organizations for students and professionals. During these conversations he emphasized ASCPT as one of the top professional organizations to join and get engaged with.

Several aspects of ASCPT membership are enjoyable to Dr. Barth. She enjoys receiving and reading Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics to learn about the latest research in the field. She enjoys participating at the Annual Meeting where she has the opportunity to broaden her knowledge in the field and connect with peers. Attending webinars that focus on science and also leadership and career development have also been a valuable tool for Dr. Barth. She also appreciates the fact that the Society focuses on the development and support of young scientists, including students, trainees, and now early career members.

As a student, ASCPT has given Dr. Barth the opportunity to interact with professionals in the field and decide what career path she would like to follow. Through the Speed Mentoring and the Trainee Luncheon events at the Annual Meeting, she has learned about the career path of successful professionals and has received valuable professional development advice. She is enthusiastic about the support the association is giving to early career members, particularly considering the challenges of the transition from academia to a professional life. She had the wonderful opportunity to work with brilliant early career colleagues planning the 2017 Early Career Networking Social. She feels that this event promoted a networking opportunity for young professionals, allowing the exchange of ideas and common experiences. In addition, during this event the group brainstormed about how ASCPT could support the successful career development for early career members. Dr. Barth is excited about the ASCPT initiative of supporting early career members and is thrilled with the opportunity to contribute. She is looking forward to the upcoming opportunities for young professionals provided through ASCPT.

ASCPT promotes opportunities for professionals to present their work and to discuss approaches about how to handle scientific challenges in the field of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine. This way, one learns from others and the field evolves in a more efficient and concise manner toward the objective of providing therapeutic benefit to patients and ultimately to the world. Dr. Barth feels that the best advice she can give the younger generation is to “join today!” This is an organization committed to bringing people together to connect on a common interest of professional and scientific development. This is a golden opportunity to get engaged in activities to advance science and the practice of clinical pharmacology, and, as a bonus, students and trainees can expand their network.

Dr. Barth has been a member of ASCPT since 2016.

Thank you, Dr. Barth, for your continued commitment to ASCPT and the discipline of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine.

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