CTS Students and Trainees Step Into the Spotlight

Author: Stephani Stancil, PhD, APRN on July 20, 2021


Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) is excited to launch our new initiative, CTS Student/Trainee Spotlight. The purpose of this initiative is to highlight students and trainees who are first authors on newly published CTS papers. By harnessing the power of social media, the journal team is providing added visibility to their work and career goals. The CTS Student/Trainee Spotlight supports the mission of ASCPT by striving to enhance career growth. Since launching in June, three students and trainees have been featured:

Our goal is to highlight 1-2 student/trainee first authors per month. Folks are encouraged to share the CTS Student/Trainee Spotlight widely with their own followers to further enhance the visibility of the published paper and facilitate connections with colleagues around the world. Who knows? Maybe the Student/Trainee finds their ideal post-doc position or next job through these connections. Maybe the primary research lab strikes up a collaboration with another lab across the country due to complementary interests. The possibilities are truly endless.

How It Works:

The journal team will look for potential candidates from newly accepted CTS articles. A member of the editorial team will reach out to the student/trainee and ask for a brief bio and photo. The CTS Student/Trainee Spotlight is then crafted and posted on @ASCPTjournals Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


What you can do:

If you are a student or trainee and submitting to CTS as a first author, please indicate your student/trainee status when submitting.

If you are the corresponding author on a CTS submission with a first author student or trainee, please ensure the first author student/trainee status is indicated when submitting.


And finally, don't forget to follow @ASCPTjournals #CTSjournal so you don't miss the next rising star!

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