December 2018 Member Spotlight

Published on 12/1/2018 12:05:00 AM

Julie Passarell, Executive Director, Statistics, Cognigen Corporation, Buffalo, New York

Ms. Passarell has worked for the Cognigen Corporation for the past 18 years, where her colleague, Jill Fieldler‐Kelly, is very involved with ASCPT and encouraged her to join. As a member of ASCPT, she especially enjoys the Annual Meeting. She considers the Annual Meeting a “great place to learn what's new and meet with a wide variety of people who have a passion for clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics.” Ms. Passarell also views the ASCPT Journal Family as the major way that ASCPT impacts the field of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine. She explains that “CPT is the most sought after journal housing cutting‐edge science and research.”

Last year, Ms. Passarell was invited to speak at the Annual Meeting about placebo response, a phenomena that impacts many therapeutics areas. She was honored to be able to share her own work and meet a variety of people from other areas of research who share a common goal.

For the younger generation interested in the field of clinical pharmacology, Ms. Passarell has this advice: attend the Annual Meeting and seek out opportunities to get involved in the Society. She considers participation in ASCPT a “unique opportunity to learn and network with others.”

Ms. Passarell became a member of ASCPT in 2017.

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