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Published on 1/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

David Wyatt, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Syneos Health, Miami, FL

Dr. Wyatt decided to join ASCPT in 2017. He attended the 2018 Annual Meeting to further build on business development and outreach goals for Syneos's phase I clinical unit. He also attended to connect with others regarding the medical aspects of research in the field. He has always been passionate about clinical research and was thrilled to become part of ASCPT, a “global team of more than 2,000 professionals sharing knowledge and expertise in translational medicine.” Dr. Wyatt's colleague from Syneos Health, Mario Tanguay, PhD, introduced Dr. Wyatt to ASCPT. Dr. Tanguay had given Dr. Wyatt great feedback about the quality of and content shared by ASCPT.

As the largest scientific and professional organization serving the disciplines of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine, being a member of ASCPT helps Dr. Wyatt stay up‐to‐date with the developments in his field. As Vice President of Medical Affairs for Syneos Health (previously INC Research/inVentiv Health), this is a valuable asset. He also enjoys working closely with his clinical pharmacology colleagues in early‐phase clinical development. He views ASCPT as a great forum to collect and share pertinent information with his peers in the field.

In his current role as Vice President at a top‐three Contract Research Organization, Dr. Wyatt's research involves working with many new compounds and helping many novel therapies transition from preclinical to first‐in‐human studies, along with translational research and including patients earlier in the clinical research timelines. As a principal investigator on such studies, ASCPT membership helps hone Dr. Wyatt's knowledge around the ever‐evolving realities of clinical research, providing better quality research data in a safer manner. While performing his daily tasks, Dr. Wyatt shares the same vision as ASCPT, a focus on improving the understanding and use of existing drug therapies and developing safer and more effective treatments for the future. In his current role, early clinical research allows him to be a part of a greater movement that has the potential to provide novel therapies to patients across the globe, ultimately helping save the lives of patients who experience illness that spans multiple therapeutic areas.

Dr. Wyatt is proud to say that he is currently leading a few projects for the treatment of rare disease. He explains that “of course we never know the ultimate outcome of such new treatments, but, such hope for future therapies is one of my favorite parts of clinical research!”

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