March 2019: Dedicated Member Profile

Published on 3/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Puneet Gaitonde, PhD, Clinical Pharmacology Lead, Pfizer, Foxboro, MA

ASCPT has a long‐standing reputation of being the premier scientific community in advancing the field of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. Dr. Gaitonde explains that ASCPT members include “pioneers and giants in the field.” Membership in ASCPT grants him access to the research of those pioneers and giants who have been routinely published in the ASCPT journal family with robust citations. He feels that his ASCPT membership has provided him a forum to have the excellent opportunity to meet and collaborate with these giants, and to contribute toward the advancement of the scientific discipline. It also allows for the perfect opportunity to have an open dialog and maintain a two‐way learning avenue with exuberant and talented young professionals.

When asked about his favorite aspect of ASCPT membership, Dr. Gaitonde did not single out just one aspect. He looks forward to the Annual Meeting where he catches up with friends and colleagues in informal settings while making new friends and memories. He views being published in the ASCPT Journal Family as “no less than an honor.” Getting to read “hot off the press” cutting‐edge scientific articles is truly amazing. His service to the Society as the Vice Chair of the Regulatory Science Community has led to creative collaborations with other leaders as well as experts from academia, industry, and regulatory institutions. He feels that “giving back to the community has always been a guiding light in [his] professional career.”

Thinking about the future, Dr. Gaitonde hopes that ASCPT will continue to advocate embracing novel, scientifically driven quantitative approaches in drug development and optimal patient care. He looks forward to ASCPT continuing to expand the boundaries of clinical pharmacology through the integration of cross‐discipline knowledge and expertise. He also believes the future is in the continued nurturing of young talent. He points to the student/trainee programming and the founding of the Early Career Community as examples of ASCPT's exceptional support for the younger generation. He also encourages those younger members to seek guidance and mentorship. He advises them to reach out to other ASCPT members without hesitation to introduce themselves and showcase their brilliance. He reminds them that “Everybody, young or veteran ASCPT member, has been through the same journey,” they are willing to help.

Dr. Gaitonde currently works for Pfizer as the Clinical Pharmacology Lead. He knows that as a clinical pharmacologist he plays a “pivotal role in the determination of the right drug and dose for the right patient and at the right time.” This role has been extremely rewarding for him.

Dr. Gaitonde joined ASCPT in 2013. He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Regulatory Science Community.

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