November 2019: New Member Profile

Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 11/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

New Member JK Chung
Jou-Ku Chung, PhD, Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Surface Oncology, Cambridge, MA

The great networking and inter-learning environment of ASCPT, which brings together peers from industry, academia, and regulatory agencies, drew Dr. Chung to join the Society.  The high-quality Annual Meeting, the family of journals, and the webinars offered by ASCPT also appealed to Dr. Chung.  As a new member to ASCPT, Dr. Chung hopes to collaborate with the broad ASCPT community.  He also looks forward to contributing to the Society through volunteer service.

For Dr. Chung, “ASCPT provides various forums for networking, educating, and learning as well as sharing opinions and debating.”  He appreciates the opportunity to learn the new landscape of drug development and regulatory science.  He sees his membership as a valuable tool that enables him as a drug developer to calibrate how to best facilitate new pharmacotherapy development for patients and to improve healthcare.

Personalized medicine interests Dr. Chung the most about the field of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine.  He believes that the key to personalized medicine comes through the integration of in-depth understanding of clinical pharmacology and translational medicines.  He also believes that this is a huge opportunity for clinical pharmacologists and that, as a clinical pharmacologist, he has the obligation to continue exploring and providing novel therapies to improve care for patients.

Dr. Chung is currently working on several exciting immuno-oncology programs that focus on enhancing the innate and adaptive immune response to enable a robust immunologic response and enhance outcomes for patients with cancer.

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