February 2020: Student/Trainee Profile

Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 2/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

My Tran, Pharmacy Student, University of Florida, Orlando, Florida

My previously trained in an organic chemistry lab as well as a microbiology lab. Her first project taught her how to synthesize a compound for future diagnostic purposes, whereas the second lab taught her more about how microfluidic systems could be used to understand drug mechanisms/treatments more effectively. Both labs differed in the projects that she was given, but she enjoyed both projects immensely. These experiences inspired her to pursue research. She wants to use the knowledge that she obtains through pharmacy school to develop methods that make drug treatments more effective for patients, pharmacologically and expense wise.

Over the years, My has met many wonderful people who she has considered mentors. Each of these mentors has taught her what it meant to follow her passion and to be creative with the education that you work so diligently to obtain. With each mentor she has worked with, she has been able to understand concepts from different points of view. Ultimately, what has drawn her to research is that there are so many ways/perspectives that can be used to solve problems. She feels that her research is a culmination of various fields coming together and from it, she and her colleagues can make unique discoveries. Research has always been important to My, and she has been pursuing it for the last 6 years. After she finishes her PharmD program, she plans on pursuing a research career in either the academic sphere or in industry.

Drs. Jacques Turgeon and Veronique Michaud have both mentored My. She learned about ASCPT from them both and they encouraged her to join. She took their advice and joined the Society in order to expand her network and learn more about the various research projects that are being conducted. She explains that she “really appreciates how students, such as [herself], are given the opportunity to attend workshops that enhance our personal development and have an interaction with other members of the scientific community.”

My has been a member of ASCPT since 2018. She received a Presidential Trainee Award at the ASCPT 2019 Annual Meeting.

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