April 2020: Student/Trainee Profile

Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 4/1/2020 12:00:00 AM

April 2020 J Martin
Jesse Martin, BS, University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Jesse is currently in his third year of his PharmD program at the University of North Carolina. He began his training at the University of North Carolina by earning his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. His PharmD training emphasizes clinical training, with direct patient rotations accounting for up to 17 months of the curriculum. Jesse explains that students such as himself interested in concurrently performing research participate in the Research and Scholarship in Pharmacy (RASP) program. Completion of this program will enable Jesse to graduate with honors and participate in a longitudinal, selective pathway. His elective curriculum is built around a mentored, in‐depth, scholarly project. With his faculty mentor, Craig Lee, PharmD, PhD, Jesse is framing an answerable question and generating and interpreting relevant data then communicating his findings in both oral and written form. Jesse is grateful for the overwhelmingly positive research experience that Dr. Lee has enabled. He characterizes Dr. Lee’s unique mentorship style as “a perfect blend of team‐focused ethos intertwined with strong leadership, vision, and commitment to excellence.”

Clinical experiences that Jesse has already gained in his PharmD training have reinforced the need for better medicine, as well as an improved understanding of current therapies to maximize their benefit. Specifically, Jesse looks to pharmacogenomics as an important dimension in the journey toward precision medicine: “Within my lifetime, I was privileged to witness the first full‐genome sequence. Nevertheless, there is much left to discover about how a unique person responds to pharmacotherapy.” To Jesse, the clinical implementation of these tools remains an important feature to ensure sustainability and adoption. He believes, that if applied appropriately, pharmacogenomics has the potential to help the right therapy reach the right patient.

Craig Lee introduced Jesse to ASCPT. He was drawn to the strong pharmacogenomics community in the Society. At the encouragement of his mentor, Jesse submitted his abstract for ASCPT 2019 and it was not only selected, but also recognized as a Presidential Trainee. As a member of ASCPT, he appreciates the rich, interdisciplinary scientific community that he encountered at the Annual Meeting that is welcoming and supportive. As a trainee member of ASCPT, Jesse is honored to have been recognized with awards. He views them as a tangible celebration of prior work and encouragement in his future development as a researcher. He also viewed the experience as a learning experience because it facilitated the development of his communication skills.

Jesse has been a member of ASCPT since 2018.

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