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May 2020 P Manchandani
Pooja Manchandani, PhD, Senior Scientist, Abbvie, Inc., North Chicago, IL

Since she became a member in 2017, Dr. Manchandani feels that her membership has impacted her in several ways. For her, the Annual Meeting serves as a unique knowledge‐based interfacing platform, where subject‐matter experts in the field of clinical pharmacology and translational science across various therapeutic areas collaborate to present cutting‐edge research and deliver interdisciplinary scientific sessions. She feels that membership in ASCPT is an excellent resource to stay abreast with new, upcoming innovations in the field and to have one‐on‐one interaction with the leaders and visionaries in clinical pharmacology across industry, academia, and regulatory, and from several nonprofit organizations. As an early career scientist, Dr. Manchandani keenly looks forward to attending the fantastic state of the art lectures to help build her scientific expertise. She enjoys participating in strategic planning and network and community events to broaden her mentoring circle and learn more leadership skills from the best in the field. She also feels that she has benefited greatly by participating in the ASCPT Journal Review Club. This mini‐workshop helped her understand the nuances in the manuscript review process. She encourages all early career professionals to take advantage of this initiative. Dr. Manchandani serves as a volunteer reviewer for the ASCPT Journal Family as well as for Annual Meeting abstracts. Being a reviewer has helped her stay up‐to‐date with the recent advancement in the field of clinical pharmacology and improve her critical thinking skills.

The volunteer opportunities are the most appealing aspect of ASCPT membership for Dr. Manchandani. She believes that this is the best way to make the most of her ASCPT membership. Volunteering helps foster professional growth through actively participating in the Society’s Network and Community meetings. Through this participation, she has been able to build strong relationships with peers and mentors through an “open channel of continuous interaction throughout the year.”

Dr. Sreeneeranj Kasichaynula was Dr. Manchandani’s manager and team lead at AbbVie, and he introduced Dr. Manchandani to ASCPT. In her time since she joined ASCPT, she has volunteered for the Special Populations (SPO), Infectious Diseases (INF), and Early Career (ECC) Communities. Last year she served as an early career liaison for the Translational & Precision Medicine Network. She explains that “this scientific cross‐pollination has enabled her to meet the experts across all these Communities, derive synergy, and collaborate within Communities on various educational forefronts—webinar planning, and develop ideas for Annual Meeting proposal writing.”

Dr. Manchandani's interest in clinical pharmacology and translational science burgeoned during her doctoral training at the University of Houston. As a graduate student, Dr. Manchandani worked on revisiting the translational and clinical pharmacology of older antibiotics, like polymyxin B. The older antibiotics are currently seen as the last treatment resort for Gram negative bacterial infections in the face of escalating antimicrobial resistance. The crux of her research was to gain insights on the translational and clinical pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling of antibiotics and leverage it to make the right recommendation for the right dose/dosing regimen to ensure optimal efficacy in clinics. A part of this research work culminated as a CPT research article in 2017: “Population Pharmacokinetics of Polymyxin B.” This further kindled her interest in the field. Together, these experiences developed strong inclination to leverage her training and pursue a career in clinical pharmacology. She began her professional career as a Clinical Pharmacokineticist at AbbVie. She firmly believes that she got to the place she is now through the constant mentorship and guidance from the mentors at the University of Houston, AbbVie, and beyond.

Currently, at AbbVie, Dr. Manchandani is working as a clinical pharmacokineticist along with her team to develop new treatment modalities to address the unmet medical needs in the niche area of female reproductive health. As a woman, there is no greater sense of appreciation than knowing that the work she does at AbbVie will improve the standards of patient care for the million women suffering from painful gynecological conditions worldwide.

ASCPT has created a continuum where clinicians, clinical pharmacologists, translational scientists, and pharmacometricians with diverse backgrounds and training can come together to drive innovation, fill knowledge‐gaps, and address the challenging clinical questions time‐and‐time again. Dr. Manchandani believes that “ASCPT has strived to push the boundaries of clinical pharmacology practices to deliver the best, and continuously improve the current standards of patient health care.”

As an early career scientist, Dr. Manchandani highlights the value of the ongoing mentoring and career development initiatives that ASCPT has brought up, including the establishment of the Early Career Community. She hopes that ASCPT will continue to nurture the upcoming generations of researchers and will continue to support efforts to help shape their careers in the future. For the younger generation, Dr. Manchandani urges her peers to take advantage of the networking opportunities offered by ASCPT, and to get involved in the organization by actively participating in the communities, scientific journals, webinars, and other educational events. Dr. Manchandani believes that these are the best ways to engage with experienced scientists and experts in the field.

Dr. Manchandani has been a member of ASCPT since 2017.

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