July 2020: International Profile

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July 2020 S Schaller
Stephan Schaller, PhD, CEO, esqLABS GMH, Saterland, Germany

While clinical pharmacology (CP) and translational science (TS) are still very much rooted in the “old ways,” these structures are currently being broken apart with the rise of technology, and CP and TS are getting more and more integrated with (computational/technological) quantitative sciences to help scientists cope with the increasingly complex treatment concepts and modalities that are needed. Dr. Schaller believes that Germany, both in academia and industry, is well positioned to tackle future challenges with the new generation of scientists to play a major role in future developments in the area of CP and TS.

Starting with Bachelor and Master studies in technical cybernetics (systems theory), Dr. Schaller then pursued his PhD in computational systems biology. From there, he began to work on modeling and simulation as a scientist in the pharma industry. After several years of working as a scientist and building a network in the pharmaceutical industry, he was able to start a CRO for PBPK and QSP modeling services.

Through the technology that Dr. Schaller and his colleagues develop and apply, they work to support decision making for both pharmaceutical research and development and treatment at the point of care. For this they build their modeling and simulation platforms to translate insights from bench to bedside. Through this, they hope to help in the development and application of drugs to create safer and more effective therapies for future challenges in health care.

Dr. Schaller believes that for many scientists in both academia and industry, it is often a question of budget when it comes to attending ASCPT meetings. He believes the digital content such as webinars encourages scientists to connect more and hopes it continues. Dr. Schaller believes that ASCPT has brought people and disciplines together through the work done in the communities and interest groups, and especially through the Annual Meeting and the journal family. He explains that “Only when sharing our insights within such a strong community we will be able to advance the field.”

Dr Schaller has renewed his membership every year when he attended the annual meeting. He explains that these meetings and the network they have helped him build have ultimately helped him at every crucial step during his career. Especially now, running a CRO, these connections have been invaluable. He goes on to say, “I would not be where I am now without having attended these meetings.”

Dr. Schaller has been a member of ASCPT since 2018.

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