ASCPT Members-Only Webinar Presented by the Translational Informatics (TI) Community

Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 10/23/2020 7:08:00 AM

ASCPT Members-Only Webinar presented by the Transformational Informatics (TI) Community
Title: Modeling COVID-19: Moving from Public Health to Personalized Health
Date and Time: Friday, November 6, 2020, 12:00 pm ET
Speaker: Michael Liebman, PhD
Moderator: Caitrin McDonough, PhD
Description: COVID-19 models have focused on forecasting the number of infections and death. The results vary greatly over both the course of the pandemic and among modeling groups. Even when forecasts are accurate, the models provide limited insights. Physicians’ decisions when treating the disease exemplify the complexities that decision-makers face. The patient’s journey from disease risk to symptoms, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome involves interfacing, directly or in-directly, with all members of the healthcare ecosystem. Each member has a unique perspective and prioritizes specific questions concerning steps on this path while few, if any, focus on prediction of population-based behaviors. This webinar will present a modeling approach that is complementary to that of public/population health by focusing on the complexities of real-world patients and real-world medicine. In this manner, the model identifies and provides a mechanism for addressing specific questions that arise in the clinic and have both direct and immediate application in personalized healthcare. The modeling methods to be discussed include: Ontologies, Knowledge graphs, Process models, Community detection/graph analytics and natural language processing.
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