Awards Nomination FAQ

Who can nominate a person for an award?
Nomination of a candidate meeting the criteria for an award must be made by an ASCPT member. 

What should my nomination packet include?
The nomination package should include:
  1. Nominator’s assessment (max length 5 pages) summarizing important aspects of the nominee’s CV and a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the candidate’s outstanding attributes that qualify them for the specific award. 
  2. 1-3 letters of recommendation (max length 2 pages each) preferably including at least one from outside the nominee’s institution; 
  3. The candidate’s CV (max length 25 pages) highlighting in particular the scientific accomplishments and qualifications for the award; or in the case of the Henry W. Elliott Distinguished Service Award, the candidate’s extraordinary commitment of time and talent to ASCPT. 
*The nomination package should not include copies of publications or other copyrighted or protected intellectual property. 

Which sectors of clinical pharmacology practice are appropriate for nomination?

The nominee’s sector of clinical pharmacology practice is comprehensive; the nominee can include an international academic (e.g., basic or clinical research), industrial (e.g., big/small PHARMA, BIOTECH, CROs, consulting), or regulatory scientist, with various types of accomplishments that signify the candidate’s outstanding science. 

What types of accomplishments would qualify a person for an award?
Publications in highly impactful scientific journals are key examples that point to substantial accomplishment; but publications are neither mandatory nor the exclusive evidence of such accomplishment. It is the responsibility of the nominator to provide adequate detail about documented evidence and public information and aspects of the candidate’s specific accomplishments that unequivocally warrant the recognition of the award. This may include the description of materials such as (but not limited to):
  • Publications
  • Patents
  • Inventions
  • Methodologies
  • New drug applications
  • Individual influence on drug discovery
  • Drug development and regulatory decisions,
  • Process changes
  • Other products of clinical pharmacology rendering scientific excellence

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