Precision Dosing (PD) Community

The Precision Dosing (PD) Community is dedicated to advancing precision dosing in drug development and clinical practice by bringing together experts in academia, regulatory, and industry to collaborate on scientific approaches, evidence generation, regulatory approval, reimbursement, and clinical implementation. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote a wider understanding of precision dosing among clinical pharmacologists, healthcare professionals, regulators, payors, patients, and solution providers by sharing best practices and developing solutions to the challenges associated with demonstrating the value of precision dosing and implementing it in clinical practice. Our ultimate mission is to make precision dosing more widely available to benefit patients.
Community Goals
  • Organize webinars and foster ideas for educational programming.
  • Develop white papers/publications on topics related to precision dosing.
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders inside and outside ASCPT to develop webinars, workshops and symposia related to precision dosing.
  • Create a library of drugs that are subject to precision dosing, and how it is implemented, and suitable future opportunities.
  • Identify clinical trial designs and observational/real-world-data based approaches to investigate potential efficacy, effectiveness, and value.
  • Collaborate with related ASCPT Communities to promote precision dosing in their areas of interest. 

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Tomoyuki Mizuno

Tomoyuki Mizuno, PhD

Community Chair


Iris Minichmayr

Iris Minichmayr, PhD

Community Vice Chair


Sirjib Goswami

Sirj Goswami, PhD

Community Past Chair


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