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  • NEW: ASCPT is proud to offer complimentary membership to to qualified students and trainees for the 2022 dues year! See additional details under the Student/Trainee section below.
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Categories of Membership

For applicants who demonstrate a sincere interest in, and contributions to, human pharmacology, therapeutics, and translational medicine. 

Save on your Full membership with the 2-year option.

US residents: $450 for 1-year or $820 for 2-years
International residents: $485 for 1-year or $895 for 2-years

For applicants who have recently graduated or completed their training program and are within their first 5 years of full practice. Applicants must have an interest in clinical pharmacology and translational medicine.

US residents: $210 per year
International residents: $250 per year
With the significant disruptions to business and commerce imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, budgets for professional education are being cut across countless organizations. To ensure that emerging Clinical Pharmacologists and Translational Scientists have access to high quality professional engagement, ASCPT is waiving student/trainee membership dues for 2022!

If you are a student/trainee currently enrolled in a post-doctoral training program and have demonstrated an interest in clinical pharmacology, therapeutics, and translational science, you are eligible for this membership. Applicants who are pursuing a post-baccalaureate degree or who are enrolled in an educational institution and possess interests in clinical pharmacology and translational medicine are also encouraged to apply.

All student/trainee applicants are required to submit proof of status to members@ascpt.org. Applicants will be reviewed by ASCPT prior to approval to ensure candidates meet membership qualifications. Review may take up to 72 hours. ASCPT may request additional proof of status prior to approval. Complimentary student/trainee members will have access to CPT online-only and will not receive CPT by mail.

US residents: Complimentary for 2022
International residents: Complimentary for 2022

Membership Terms
ASCPT membership dues are based on the calendar year. If you join or renew January 1 – June 30, 2021, one-year memberships are valid until 1/1/2022, and two-year memberships are considered current until 1/1/2023.

If you join or renew after July 1, 2021, one-year memberships are valid until 1/1/2023 and two-year memberships are considered current until 1/1/2024.

By filling out the membership application, I acknowledge that this constitutes a business relationship with ASCPT and that my information will be included in the ASCPT online member directory unless otherwise specified. All payments must be in U.S. funds. ASCPT does not accept wire payments. Receipts will be emailed to the address on file. ASCPT dues may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense. ASCPT Tax ID: 23-1682043

All applications are instantly approved upon dues payment (with the exception of student/trainee applicants which require proof of status to be emailed to members@ascpt.org); however, applicants are subject to review and decline by ASCPT. ASCPT reserves the right to reject any membership application it does not deem applicable or beneficial to the member community. Applicants who pay dues but fail to qualify for membership will be granted a refund less a $50 USD processing fee. Applicants must pay ASCPT dues prior to registering for the Annual Meeting or will be subject to a $50 USD processing fee; payment method adjustments are only available within 90 days of initial transaction. Applicants who cancel membership will not be granted a refund. Dues refund requests for any other reason(s) will not be granted. Please email membership questions to members@ascpt.org.
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