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Past webinars:
 Title Speaker(s) Recording and/or Presentation Slides Primary Audience
Role of Clinical Pharmacologist in the Emerging Era of Personalized Medicine, and the Need for Wearing Multiple Hats!
Jogarao Gobburu, PhD
Virginia (Ginny) D. Schmith, PhD
Webinar Recording Career Development
Member Orientation Webinar Sponsored by Cytel
Jin Yan Jin, PhD Webinar Recording ASCPT New Members
New Member Welcome Jin Yan Jin, PhD Webinar Recording
Presentation Slides
ASCPT New Members
2018 Scientific Proposals - Secrets to Success Virginia (Ginny) D. Schmith, PhD, FCP Webinar recording
Presentation Slides
 ASCPT Members
New Member Welcome Webinar for 2017 Annual Meeting Attendees
Jin Yan Jin, PhD
Webinar Recording
Presentation Slides

New ASCPT Members
How to Participate in the ASCPT 2017 Annual Meeting
  Webinar Recording
Membrane Transporter
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Upcoming Webinars:
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Past Webinars:
 Title Speaker(s) Recording and/or Presentation Slides Primary Audience
Biomarkers and Experimental Human Models in Clinical Development and Practice
 Maria Burian, MD, MBA Webinar Recording Biomarkers & Translational Tools
Considerations in the Design and Development of T-cell Dependent Bispecific Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy Saileta Prabhu, PhD Webinar Recording Biologics Community
Amino Acid Transporters as Potential Targets in Cancer Therapy  Vadivel Ganapathy, PhD Webinar Recording Membrane Transporter
Breaking Down Barriers for Acceleration of Development of New Anti-Infectives
Major Jeffrey W. Froude, II
Steven E. Kern, PhD
  Infectious Diseases
Global Health
Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) Modeling of Drug-Induced Nephrotoxicity – Bridging the Link Between Drug Exposure, Urinary Biomarkers and Renal Dysfunction
Yeshitila Gebremichael, PhD
Webinar Recording  Systems Pharmacology
Biomarkers & Translational Tools
Mechanistic Models of the Immune System for Quantitative Prediction and Simulation of Biotherapeutic Immunogenicity
Xiaoying Chen, PhD
Craig Thalhauser, PhD
Piet van der Graad, PhD 
Webinar Recording  Biologics
Overcoming Adoption Barriers of Model-Based Precision Dosing in Healthcare
Sirj Goswami, PhD
Webinar Recording Translational & Precision Medicine
Model Evaluation of Continuous Data Pharmacometric Models: Metrics and Graphics France Mentré
Webinar Recording PSP Webinar
FDA's Sentinel System and the Regulatory Process Michael Nguyen Webinar Recording Development, Regulation & Outcomes
Precision Health for All: The All of Us Research Project Eric Dishman Webinar Recording CTS Webinar
Drug-Drug Interactions of Gene-Drug Interactions
Stephan Schmidt, PhD
Webinar Recording Pharmacogenomics
Understanding the Impact of Quantitative Pharmacology (QP) in Drug Development Through Real-Life Examples
Sophie Peigné
Marylore Chenel
Chunze Li
Sandhya Girish
Ulrika Simonsson 

Webinar Recording Quantitative Pharmacology
Safety Assessment in Phase 1 Healthy Volunteer Trials
  Webinar Recording Early Development & Drug Safety
Modernization of Eligibility Criteria Initiative: Focus on Organ Impairment and Pediatrics Working Groups Atiqur Nam Rahman, PhD and Ruby Leong, PhD  Presentation Slides Special Populations
Clinical Outcome After Therapy for MDD
Arjun Athreya and Drew Neavin Webinar Recording Biomarkers and Translational Tools
SPO Community Webinar:
"Age-Dependent Developmental Changes in Hepatic Organic Cation Transporter 1 (OCT1) Protein Expression in Neonates and Small Infants"
"UGT1A9 rs3832043 Influences Acetaminophen Glucuronidation in Neonates"
"Maturation of Human Hepatic Membrane Transporter Proteins in the First Four Months of Life"

David Hahn

Matthew Linakis

Bianca van Groen
Webinar Recording Special Populations
PBPK Modeling and Clinical Evaluation of a Natural Product-Drug Interaction Mary Paine, RPh, PhD
Presentation Slides

Regulatory Science
Trends in Biologics and Biosimilar Development and Approval in the US 
Hae-Young Ahn, PhD
Presentation Slides  Biologics
Driving Patient-Centered Translational Medicine
Christopher P. Austin, MD
Webinar Recording
Clinical and Translational Science (CTS)
Clinical Pharmacological and Pharmacodynamic Perspectives on the Adverse Events of Cancer Immunotherapy
Imke H. Bartelink, PharmD, PhD
David Y. Oh, MD, PhD
Webinar Recording
Standardizing Terms for Clinical Pharmacogenetic Test Results
Kelly E. Caudle, PharmD, PhD
Webinar Recording
Presentation Slides

FDA’s Expectations on Presentation and Communication of Clinical Pharmacology Modeling & Simulation in Submission Documents
 Yu-Nien “Tom” Sun, PhD
Sriram Krishnaswami, PhD
Presentation Slides
Pharmacometrics and Pharmacokinetics
Considerations for Evaluating Body Size and Body Composition
Catherine M.T. Sherwin, PhD, MSc, FCP
Webinar Recording 
Special Populations
Implementing Pharmacogenetic Tests for Patient Care Using Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC®) Guidelines
Mary V. Relling, PharmD
Webinar Recording
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (CPT)
Journal Club "Comparison of Genome Sequencing and Clinical Genotyping for Pharmacogenes"
Wenjian Yang Webinar Recording
*presentation only, no audio
Presentation Slides

A Six-Stage Workflow for Robust Application of Systems Pharmacology: A Conceptual Strategy and Case Study
Daniel Kirouac, PhD
Webinar Recording
Systems Pharmacology
When are Transporters Important in Drug Disposition Including Tissue
 Distribution of Drugs?

Jashvant (Jash) Unadkat, PhD
Webinar Recording Regulatory Science
Pharmacokinetics and Dose Adjustments for Monoclonal Antibodies in IBD - Considerations and Applications in Clinical Practice
Diane Mould, PhD
Anne Strik, MD
Webinar Recording
Presenters' responses to attendee questions 
CPT:Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology (CPT:PSP)
Translational PK/PD Modeling: Strategies and Insights Provided from Modeling Preclinical Data
Harvey Wong, PhD
Webinar Recording
Translational PK/PD
A genetic algorithm based global search strategy for population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model selection
Eric A. Sherer, PhD
Webinar Recording 
Pharmacometrics and Pharmacokinetics
Precision Medicine:
"Incorporating Pharmacogenetic Testing into Graduate Pharmacy Curriculum Significantly Enhances Students Knowledge and Attitude towards Personalized and Precision Medicine"
"Integration of Precision Medicine Initiative into Clinical Practice"

Esteban Burchard, MD, MPH

Joshua Galanter, MD

Webinar Recording 
Role of PK/PD Assessments at the Site of Action in Decision Making during the Development of Monoclonal Antibodies: Examples and Case Studies
Rong Deng, PhD
Webinar Recording
Presentation Slides

For all past webinars please visit the ASCPT Webinar Library.

Upcoming Webinars:
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ASCPT thanks the members of its Webinar Committee for its efforts in developing strong, meaningful informational and educational materials, which are accessible to ASCPT members in an online format.

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