ASCPT Past Presidents (1969-Present)

Julie Johnson, PharmD


Mario Rocci, Jr, PhD


John A. Wagner, MD, PhD


Russ B. Altman, MD, PhD


Kathleen M. Giacomini, PhD


Richard L. Lalonde, PharmD


Raymond J. Hohl, MD, PhD


Shiew-Mei Huang, PhD, FCP


Steven Ryder, MD, FACP


John J. Schrogie, MD


2006-07 Stephen P. Spielberg, MD, PhD
2005-06 Peter Honig, MD, MPH
2004-05 Andre Terzic, MD, PhD
2003-04 Gregory L. Kearns, PharmD, PhD 
2002-03 Barbara Levey, MD, FACP
2001-02 Scott A. Waldman, MD, PhD, FCP
2000-01 Raymond L. Woosley, MD, PhD 
1999-00 Jean D. Gray, MD, FRCP(C) 
1998-99 Carl C. Peck, MD 
1997-98 Robert E. Vestal, MD 
1996-97 Neal L. Benowitz, MD 
1995-96 Arthur J. Atkinson, Jr., MD 
1994-95 Joann L. Data, MD, PhD 
1993-94 David W. Nierenberg, MD 
1992-93 Alexander MM Shepherd, MD, PhD 
1991-92 Darrell R. Abernethy, MD, PhD 
1990-91 Lewis B. Sheiner, MD 
1989-90 D. Craig Brater, MD 
1988-89 Terrence F. Blaschke, MD 
1987-88 Joseph R. Bianchine, MD, PhD 
1986-87 Richard M. Weinshilboum, MD 
1985-86 David T. Lowenthal, MD, PhD
1984-85 Marcus M. Reidenberg, MD 
1983-84 Louis Lemberger, MD, PhD 
1982-83 Donald G. Vidt, MD 
1981-82 Edward M. Sellers, MD, PhD 
1980-81 Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr., MD 
1979-80 Arthur L. Scherbel, MD 
1978-79 F. Gilbert McMahon, MD 
1977-78 George N. Aagaard, MD 
1976-77 Ray W. Gifford, Jr., MD 
1975-76 William B. Abrams, MD 
1974-75 Edward A. Carr, Jr., MD 
1973-74 Edward D. Frohlich, MD 
1972-73 Leo E. Hollister, MD 
1971-72 Montague Lane, MD 
1970-71 Henry W. Elliott, MD 
1969-70 James M. Dille, PhD, MD

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