Systems Pharmacology (SP) Community

Community Goals

  • Quantitative, system-level, mechanism-based modeling approaches to enable best decisions in drug discovery, development, and regulatory interactions.
Scientific Expertise:
  • This Community is a resource for best practices in Systems Pharmacology through ‘state-of-the-art’ communication and compendium of current case examples, and through contributions to Annual Meeting programming and educational opportunities.
Catalyst for Innovation:
  • The Systems Pharmacology Community is implementing a ‘hot topics’ forum listing emerging and novel methods for collaborative Community development. This forum will be hosted on the ASCPT Systems Pharmacology Community site and/or other social media site(s).
Influence and Impact:
  • Our Community is initiating a compendium of clinical systems pharmacology case examples with impact statements describing how each has influenced clinical and/or regulatory-focused decisions. This compilation will include solicitation from the Community members and a literature review with a potential ‘hot topics’ forum as necessary.
Education and Communication:
  • Our Community is developing an inventory of the current ‘state-of-the-art’ in Systems Pharmacology to identify areas of need as training & communication opportunities, e.g., model development and qualification standards. We also continue to develop educational opportunities around subjects identified by members of our Community.
Organizational Effectiveness:
  • We are establishing a Systems Pharmacology Community Steering Committee (SC) membership along with general roles & expectations necessary to align our contributions with other Community goals. We are also establishing timings for communication outreach to Community members to announce key dates and news updates.

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Past Webinars
The webinars below can be accessed in the Members Only Webinar Library: Access Library
  • Building a Dream Team – Challenges in Picking a Winning Multi-Target Therapeutic
  • Integrating QSP With AI/ML: Challenges and Opportunities (NCE 2023)
  • Gut Feelings: Time to Go Deeper in Pharmacomicrobiomics (NCE 2023)
  • Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology Approaches Towards Understanding Exposure and Response of CAR-T Cell Therapies
  • Application of Quantitative Systems Toxicology in Drug Cardiovascular Safety Assessment
  • Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) Modeling of Drug-Induced Nephrotoxicity – Bridging the Link Between Drug Exposure, Urinary Biomarkers and Renal Dysfunction
  • A Six-Stage Workflow for Robust Application of Systems Pharmacology: A Conceptual Strategy and Case Study
Community Announcement
Did you know that the SP Community has started a quarterly Community Connection event? We have had two thus far in October 2023 and January 2024. These short (45-minute) connection points are an opportunity for the Community to hear about upcoming events and to provide input on topics of interest. Please watch your inbox for future events to join us and bring your voice to the Community!
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P Foteinou

Pegy Foteinou, PhD

Community Chair


Kapil Gadkar

Kapil Gadkar PhD

Community Vice Chair
Lisl Shoda

Lisl Shoda, PhD

Community Past Chair

Steering Committee Members:

Michael Block, PhD
Jason Chan, PhD
Thang Ho, PhD
Rajat Desikan, PhD
Dan Kirouac, PhD
Yuching Yang, PhD
Kyunghee Yang, PhD
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