Drug Utilization & Outcomes (DUO) Community

The Drug Utilization & Outcomes (DUO) Community leverages the diverse expertise of researchers interested in aspects related to health economics and outcomes research, epidemiology and utilization of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning, real world data/evidence, and data science to optimize drug utilization and outcomes for the ultimate betterment of patients.

Community Goals
  • Leverage expertise of Community members through discussing and exchanging ideas about emerging trends and contemporary topics related to drug utilization and outcomes.
  • Educate researchers and drug developers on health outcomes, comparative effectiveness, and pharmacoeconomics topics through scientific programming, including workshops, symposia, and webinars.
  • Promote collaboration with other key scientific stakeholders sharing similar goals, other ASCPT Communities, and other scientific organizations.
  • Facilitate integration of knowledge across different disciplines and over the medical product life cycle to ultimately inform decisions on high quality, cost-effective, and patient-centered health care.
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Webinar ideas?
If you have a topic you would like to learn more about or to present, we encourage you to submit your input via the Webinar Proposal Submission portal.

Past Webinars
The webinars below can be accessed in the Members Only Webinar Library: Access Library
  • Pharmacoeconomics for ASCPT - Part 1: Fundamentals of Pharmacoeconomics
  • Real World Data Series (Part 3) - Emulating Target Trials: Applications to Statins and Cancer
  • Real Word Data Series (Part 2) - Creating External Control Arms Using EHR Data: A How-To Guide
  • Real-World Data Series - Let's Begin
  • Engaging a Brave New World: Optimal Dose Finding with T-Cell Directed Bispecific Antibodies (Industry Focus)
  • Gut Feelings: Time to Go Deeper into Pharmacomicrobiomics*
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  • Pre-Emptive Pharmacogenomic Testing Reduces the Risk of Adverse Drug Reactions by 30%: The Time for Implementation is Now
  • Use of Real-World Data (RWD) for COVID-19
  • Improving the Efficiency of Drug Development Through Clinical Data Leveraging: A Clinical Pharmacology Success Story in Schizophrenia

N Gronich

Naomi Gronich, MD

Community Chair


Tao Long

Tao Long, PhD

Community Vice Chair


SH Shin

Soo Hyeon Shin, PharmD, PhD

Community Past Chair


Steering Committee
Rajesh Krishna, PhD
Duyen (Zoe) Nguyen, PharmD
Jatinder Mukker, PhD
Patrick Dib
Bert Lum, PharmD
Bryan Facca, PharmD
Ahmed Abdalrhim, MD
Aarti Sawant, PhD

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