Drug Utilization & Outcomes (DUO) Community

The Drug Utilization & Outcomes (DUO) Community brings together researchers from different disciplines who are interested in all aspects of research related to the safety, effectiveness, and utilization of therapeutics, as well as health outcomes, comparative effectiveness research, benefit-risk, risk management/mitigation, and pharmacoeconomics. 

Community Goals
The goal of the DUO Community is to promote collaboration among researchers and to facilitate integration of knowledge across different disciplines and over the medical product life-cycle to ultimately inform decisions on high quality, cost-effective, and patient-centered health care. The DUO Community provides opportunities to:
  • Discuss and exchange ideas among Community members.
  • Educate clinical pharmacologists on health outcomes, comparative effectiveness, and pharmacoeconomics topics.
  • Present examples of integrating safety, effectiveness, utilization, comparative effectiveness, health outcomes, and pharmacoeconomics knowledge to inform drug development and health care decisions.
  • Support Community/Network proposals for abstracts, workshops, symposia, and pre-conferences.
  • Promote collaboration with other key scientific stakeholders sharing similar goals.
Webinar ideas?
If you have a topic you would like to learn more about or to present, we encourage you to submit your input via the Webinar Proposal Submission portal.

H Hassan

Hazem Hassan, PhD, RPh

Community Chair


SH Shin

Soo Hyeon Shin, PharmD, PhD

Community Vice Chair


Pankaj Gupta, PhD

Community Past Chair


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