Biologics Community

The Biologics Community focuses on the application of clinical pharmacology and translational medicine principles in the development and clinical usage of biological drug therapies.

Community Goals 

Scientific Expertise
The Biologics Community is a resource for best practices in Clinical Pharmacology for Biologic Therapies, via Annual Meeting programming and Community educational efforts.   
Catalyst for Innovation
Identifies ‘disruptive’ approaches and new modalities of biologic drugs (vaccines, sRNAi, gene therapy, etc.) that challenge standard thinking within the Clinical Pharmacology discipline and showcase new ideas with the Community and ASCPT.
Influence and Impact
Develops and maintains strong relationships with other Communities within ASCPT and other complementary organizations to shape the conversation and be a recognized thought leader on the most current issues impacting the utilization of biologic therapies.
Education and Communication
The Biologics Community is developing educational materials that describe the unique characteristics of biologic drug therapies and clinical considerations for their safe and effective use.
Organizational Effectiveness
The Biologics Community Steering Committee has been established along with general roles & expectations necessary to align the Steering Committee contributions with other Community goals. The Community also has steady communication outreach to Community members to announce key dates and news updates as well as recognition of our Community volunteers and members for their time and effort in organizing various Community activities.
A Dontabhaktuni

Aruna Dontabhaktuni, PhD

Community Chair


K Maxfield

Kimberly Maxfield, PhD

Community Vice Chair


G Mugundu

Ganesh M. Mugundu, MPharm, PhD

Community Past Chair

Steering Committee Members
Yow-Ming Wang, PhD
Ryan Funk, PharmD, PhD
Joseph Chen, PharmD
Ye Xiong, PhD
Nael Mostafa, PhD
John Davis, PhD
Chandra Udata, PhD
Lora Hamuro, PhD
Bojan Lalovic, PhD
Songmao (Ben) Zheng, PhD
Hazem Hassan, PhD
Junyi Li, PhD
Aman Singh, PhD

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