Pharmacometrics & Pharmacokinetics Community (PMK)

Community Goals

Scientific Expertise:
  • The PMK Community is a unique resource to learn about newer applications of pharmacometrics and pharmacokinetics and best practices via programming, webinars and white papers enabled by participation of members with diverse interests (pharmacokineticists, statistical pharmacometricians, PBPK experts, transporter experts from industry, academia, and regulatory, and student/trainees).
Catalyst for Innovation:
  • Hosts educational forums to promote emerging areas of influence by thought-leaders. Also contributes to establishing point-counterpoint formats to discuss hot topics to enhance the attendee experience at Annual Meetings.
Influence and Impact:
  • Currently working to identify at least one focus area for which a concept outline will be developed for a Best Practice White Paper followed by 2-year goal to publish an article.
Education and Communication:
  • The PMK Community is exploring opportunities to set up a model library to capture pertinent technical information to supplement information in published articles from select journals. PMK is also active on social media will ensuring frequent communication with members.
Organizational Effectiveness:
  • PMK has established Steering Committee membership along with general roles & expectations necessary to align with contributions with other Community goals. The Community is also developing a communication outreach plan to Community members to announce key dates and news updates.
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ASCPT 2018 Annual Meeting
Pharmacometrics & Pharmacokinetics (PMK) and Regulatory Science (RS) Joint Community Meeting 
THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2018, 7:00 am-8:00 am
Room: Orlando II
This meeting will feature Community introductions, updates, and accomplishments, as well as sharing of ideas for the 2019 Annual Meeting programming and webinar series. Shiew-Mei Huang, PhD, will present a special talk, "The Need for Collaborations and Real World Data - Clinical Pharmacology Perspective." 

Past Webinars

Yu-Nien (Tom) Sun, PhD

Community Chair

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Michael A. Tortorici, PharmD, PhD

Community Vice Chair

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Sriram Krishnaswami, PhD

Community Past Chair

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