Development, Regulatory, & Outcomes (DRO) Network

Network Goals

Scientific Expertise
The Development, Regulatory & Outcomes (DRO) Network brings together multiple sector expertise and advances the application of innovative clinical pharmacology and translational sciences to the continuum of early- and late-stage drug development, regulation, and outcomes.

Catalyst for Innovation
The DRO Network fosters collaboration across Networks and Communities on the seamless application of cutting-edge science with the ultimate goal of safe and effective patient care globally.

Influence and Impact
The DRO Network is the lead group engaged in advancing modern regulatory sciences, global health, drug safety, cost effectiveness, outcome research, epidemiology, and real-world evidence for optimal therapies in diverse patients.

Education and Communication
The DRO Network offers multiple educational and communication opportunities and encourages submissions of manuscripts to the ASCPT Journal Family, abstracts, and program proposals to ASCPT annual meetings, as well as webinars and other novel format proposals throughout the year.

Organizational Effectiveness
The DRO Network is committed to grow the next generation of leaders and to increase engagement of diverse members, while supporting the established rhythm of business.

L Vasist

Lakshmi Vasist, PharmD

Network Chair


Priya Jayachandran

Priya Jayachandran, PharmD

Network Vice Chair


L Wenning

Larissa Wenning, PhD

Network Past Chair


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