Quantitative Pharmacology (QP) Network

Network Goals

Scientific Expertise:
  • The Quantitative Pharmacology Network brings together and advances quantitative disciplines across diverse backgrounds, including industry, academia, and regulatory embracing new technology and approaches.
Catalyst for Innovation:
  • The Quantitative Pharmacology Network fosters cutting-edge science in the areas of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology, and knowledge around biologics, and supports (pre-competitive) collaborative efforts in these areas.
Influence and Impact:
  • The Quantitative Pharmacology Network is the “go to” voice for the application of Quantitative Pharmacology to drug/biologics development and usage, and catalyzes broader awareness, education and adoption of these principles by scientists engaged in the complementary Networks.
Education and Communication:
  • The Quantitative Pharmacology Network offers multiple educational opportunities and encourages submissions to the ASCPT Journal Family as well as open dialogue among editors and members.
Organizational Effectiveness:
  • The Quantitative Pharmacology Network has established a rhythm of business that supports its leadership using the ASCPT calendar as a guide and proactively develop future leaders.

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Upcoming Community Webinars
ASCPT Members-Only Webinar presented by the Pharmacometrics & Pharmacokinetics (PMK) Community
Title: Cellular Kinetic and Exposure-Response Analysis to Support Dose selection of CAR-T therapy (Tisagenlecleucel)
Date and Time: Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 1:00 pm ET
Speakers: Andy Stein, PhD, and Edward Waldron, MSc, PhD
Moderator: Neeraj Gupta, PhD
Description: Novel modalities of immuno-oncology agents such as CAR-T therapies have now started to take main stage in the era of post immune checkpoint agents. With the approval of two CAR-T therapies and several hundred ongoing clinical trials, clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics considerations have not only become important to understand the mechanism of action, but also to support development and registrational questions such as dose and impact of various intrinsic and extrinsic factors. This special presentation will focus on kinetics of Tisagenlecleucel, an approved CD19 directed CAR-T therapy, and assess the impact of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, with a focus on co-medications used for treating cytokine release syndrome. This presentation will also discuss results from dose/exposure-response analyses that supported approved dose of Tisagenlecleucel.
Registration Link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_bj6OZj4oRJ6gnqBpMMYmWw

Past Webinars
Quantitative Pharmacology Network Hot Topics Initiative
One of the primary goals of the Quantitative Pharmacology Network is to enhance the educational opportunities for members. Help further the “Hot Topic” communications and raise awareness of new tools and methods developing in quantitative pharmacology, news and views relevant to the discipline, emerging challenges and opportunities, topics of active scientific debate, etc. Suggest your topic via email to agrawal.scientist@gmail.com or hhassan@rx.umaryland.edu today! Current Quantitative Pharmacology Hot Topic Commentaries:
Quantitative Pharmacology Influence & Impact Initiative
Under the visionary leadership of Anne C. Heatherington, PhD, the Impact & Influence Initiative was launched to highlight the impact of Quantitative Pharmacology approaches in clinical pharmacology, translational medicine and therapeutics across the discovery, development, regulation and post-marketing applications. The crowd-sourced compendium of impactful case-examples along with detailed speaker notes provided by the contributors to the Quantitative Pharmacology Network at the ASCPT 2017 Annual Meeting and their contact information are now available: On behalf of the ASCPT Quantitative Pharmacology Network, we would like to again invite you to contribute to a new case study for the Influence and Impact Initiative that broadly highlights the impact of Quantitative Pharmacology in discovery and development strategy making, as well as in regulatory and post-marketing decision making. The aim of the initiative is to build upon the first version of the crowd-sourced compendium repository with new state-of-the-art quantitative pharmacology applications to increase awareness, advocacy for and education in applied Quantitative Pharmacology sciences. In addition, the initiative aims to detect advances and new trends in the field.

If you would like to contribute, please let us know your interest by April 17, 2019, by sending an email with the title for your case study to Aline Barth, PhD, or Akshanth Polepally, PhD. Draft case studies and speaker notes would be due May 31, 2019.


Sandra Visser, PhD

Network Chair


Ryan Funk, PharmD, PhD

Network Vice Chair


Sriram Krishnaswam, PhD, FCP

Network Past Chair


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