Translational & Precision Medicine (TPM) Network

Network Goals

Scientific Expertise:
  • The Translational & Precision Medicine (TPM) Network and associated Communities facilitate interactions among experts across multidisciplinary fields to foster translational science with a focus on individuals via patient care and society via healthcare. The interactions are through social media, email blasts, and teleconferences with focused scientific content.
Catalyst for Innovation:
  • The TPM Network is a catalyst for innovation by sponsoring a range of scientific programs at the Annual Meeting focused on translational and precision medicine.
Influence and Impact:
  • The TPM Network is the lead group engaged in translational and precision medicine and optimal pharmacotherapy in patient care.
Education and Communication:
  • The TPM Network offers educational opportunities via the Communities.
Organizational Effectiveness:
  • Leadership within TPM is expanded by a Network Steering Committee.
  • The TPM Network has regularly scheduled teleconferences and utilizes social media to engage members throughout the year.
  • The TPM Network fosters the career of its members by assisting Communities in recognizing members for individual achievements and contributions to ASCPT, sponsoring educational programming in translational and precision medicine, and providing opportunities for networking activities throughout an individual’s career.
Upcoming Webinar
ASCPT Members-Only Webinar presented by the Regulatory Science (RS) Community and Membrane Transporter (MT) Community
Title: Intestinal OATP-Mediated Drug Interactions: Where Are We?
Date and Time: Monday, July 29, 2019, 1:00 pm ET
Speaker: Zhu Zhou, PhD, Maciej Zamek-Gliszczynski, PhD, and Xinning Yang, PhD
Moderator: Elimika Pfuma Fletcher, PharmD, PhD
Description: Considerable progress has been made in understanding the role of intestinal efflux transporters in drug absorption, and some of them (P-gp and BCRP) have been routinely studied to assess drug-drug interaction (DDI) liability. However, much less attention has been paid to intestinal uptake transporters, although an increasing number of drug interactions have been attributed to the inhibition of uptake transporters, particularly OATP2B1. Specific recommendations on how these transporters should be evaluated are currently lacking. The aim of this webinar is to present the current state of the art in intestinal OATP DDIs and foster discussion on the need and timing to evaluate these DDIs during drug development.
Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/127924179471419395

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