Translational Informatics (TI) Community

The Translational Informatics community is comprised of scientists who develop and apply novel data-driven methodology to biomedical data in order to advance the basic science and practice of clinical pharmacology to ultimately enhance patient outcomes. The field of informatics is highly diverse ranging from bioinformatics (development and application of methods to analyze large scale biomedical and omics data, and conduct knowledge discovery) to clinical informatics (the application of information technology to manage Healthcare systems, improve the quality of Healthcare, and deliver novel healthcare services). Informatics methods are developed and applied to facilitate translational research.

Community Goals
  1. To provide scientific expertise and resources regarding the discovery, development, regulation and utilization of informatics methodology to advance the basic science and practice of clinical pharmacology.
  2. To identify and bridge existing gaps in clinical pharmacology and translational medicine by developing and implementing innovative scientific programs from emerging areas of informatics.
  3. To identify educational opportunities and provide guidance on the application of informatics tools to advance science and practice of clinical pharmacology.
  4. To engage community members through collaboration, volunteer opportunities, and outreach to grow a diverse informatics community with a patient-focus.

Caitrin McDonough, PhD

Community Chair


Sara Quinney, PharmD, PhD

Community Vice Chair


Sony Tuteja PharmD

Community Past Chair


Steering Committee members
Philip Empey, PharmD, PhD
Michael Liebman, PhD
Mohamed Shahin, PharmD, PhD
Brooks McPhail, PhD
Xiajing (Jean) Gong, PhD
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