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Nov12 Every Voice Matters in Civil (and Professional) Societies

I sit here crafting this blog during the United States election week as we continue to watch the ballots being counted that will determine which civil servants will take office at the highest levels of our government. No matter our political leaning, a highlight of this this election is the near rec...
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Sep16 Who’s Influencing Patients When They Can’t Understand What We’re Saying?

Like some of you, I was perplexed by the recent statements of FDA Commissioner Hahn regarding the benefits of convalescent plasma for treating COVID-19 in the wake of emergency use authorization. If high-ranking, medically-trained, individuals are capable of perpetuating errors when communicating st...
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Aug27 Working from Home

After resisting for five months, I finally gave in and agreed to vacate the dining room table in favor of a proper office set-up as we continue to work from home. Not willing to violate the sanctity of my partner’s mancave, and by extension the health of our relationship, I was left to fashion an o...
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Jul13 The Transformative Power of Giving

As the news of COVID broke earlier this year, I could not have imagined the extent of economic, social, and emotional disruption with which we would be faced 6 months later. Many of those around us have justifiably switched into self-preservation mode as they struggle to protect the health and well...
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Jun10 A Conversation About Race

There are two things of which I could emphatically assure you as I was finishing pharmacy school; 1) I would not pursue a research career in infectious diseases, and 2) I would definitely NOT pursue a research career in dermatology. That certainty evaporated with a single conversation that took pla...
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May06 Creativity in the Time of COVID

Something you may not know about ASCPT is how much time and planning go into the Annual Meeting. The venue, hotel block, and food & beverage contracts are secured 7-9 years in advance when negotiating a multi-year agreement; A/V, decorating, and freight transportation arrangements occur up to 5 yea...
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Apr06 Message from the ASCPT President

Today marks 19 days since I stepped into the role as President of ASCPT and I think it’s safe to say that these three weeks have been dominated by some of the most unique circumstances to face a new volunteer leader; managing the ramifications of our Annual Meeting cancellation, supporting the oper...
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Dec03 The Top 10 Reasons to Register Early for ASCPT

With the  Thursday, December 12, 2019 , Early Bird registration deadline quickly approaching, you may be wondering why should you register now for ASCPT 2020, March 18-21, 2020, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Houston, Texas, and more specifically, what’s in it for you? Here’s the Top 10 list as...
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Sep23 A Few Good (Wo)men

The diversity of speakers at scientific meetings has come under scrutiny recently.   Francis Collins, Director of NIH, said “it is time to end the tradition in science of all-male speaking panels, sometimes wryly referred to as “manels.” Too often, women and members of other groups underrepresente...
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Sep16 Thank You for Your Quality Peer Review!

Happy Peer Review Week!  The week of September 16 has been designated as Peer Review Week, now for 5 years running .  Peer Review Week is a great opportunity to thank you for your terrific support of the publication process through your peer review effort.  Your voluntary contributions are crucial...
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