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Community Goals

The Membrane Transporter (MT) is a community of scientists within the Translation and Precision Medicine Network with extensions in other scientific organizations relevant to clinical pharmacology. Our overall goal is to provide a forum for scientists from all sectors including academia, industry and regulatory agencies with expertise in transporters to share ideas that catalyze innovation in research on the role of transporters in the safe and effective use of medications in all patients. To this end, we are active participants in the ASCPT Annual Meeting and of ongoing activities throughout the year that stimulate education in transporter biology and clinical pharmacology.
Our specific goals are to:
  • Support the career development of scientists in the MT by sponsoring educational and networking events and activities to enhance our scientific expertise about transporters, and to keep abreast of innovative research in the field;
  • Propose and sponsor scientific symposia, workshops, sunrise sessions, poster sessions and other fora of discussions for the ASCPT Annual Meetings, as well as meetings of other relevant organizations, that provide members of ASCPT with information on the role of transporters in clinical pharmacology and translational medicine and therapeutics; with emerging information.
  • Support continuing educational activities by sponsoring regular webinars and other educational activities focused on the relevance of transporters in the safe and effective use of medications;
  • Stimulate networking and scientific collaborations among clinical pharmacologists with broad research interests in transporters, particularly as they pertain to translational research and precision medicine, through the Annual Meeting and other activities such as webinars.
  • Develop and facilitate interactions among the multi-disciplinary members of the MT Community, the Translation and Precision Medicine (TPM) Network, and the two other Networks, Quantitative Pharmacology (QS) and Development, Regulatory and Outcomes (DRO), through sponsoring joint events at the Annual Meeting, such as joint symposia and workshops and other sustained educational and collaborative activities.
  • Support activities of the MT in other scientific organizations that are of particular interest to ASCPT members. These activities include co-sponsorship of scientific symposia at meetings of other complementary organizations.

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Community Updates
The Membrane Transporter Community is publishing a series of white papers in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics; based on topics covered in the 3rd Workshop in 2017. Papers accepted for publication are available online and collated as a themed issue of the journal in November 2018. For questions, please contact members@ascpt.org.

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KWK Cheung

Kit Wun Kathy Cheung, PharmD

Community Chair


X Yang

Xinning Yang, PhD

Community Co-Vice Chair


Mary Paine

Mary Paine, PhD

Community Co-Vice Chair


J Sprowl

Jason Sprowl, PhD

Community Past Chair


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