Cell, Gene, Regenerative Medicine & Nucleic Acid (CGRN) Community

Cell, gene, regenerative medicine, and nucleic acid (CGRN) therapeutics are new from clinical pharmacology perspectives. The CGRN Community will focus on the translation science, clinical development, and life cycle management of these modalities with the consideration of relevant diseases, targets, and delivery systems. The Community welcomes all ASCPT members with different professional backgrounds, personal identities, and social-cultural origins.

The goals of the CGRN Community include:
  1. Connect members and resources within the CGRN field among scientists from academia, industry, health care, and regulatory.
  2. Engage CGRN professionals in interactive conversations to expand their knowledge base and improve competency in their position.
  3. Share information on state-of-the-art developments, best practices, and expert opinions to accelerate the development of safe and efficacious therapeutics.
  4. Influence scientific development in the field.
  5. Develop the next generation of scientists by providing learning tools, promoting publications, and recruiting members.

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M Liao

Michael Liao, PhD

Community Chair


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Kefeng Sun, PhD

Community Co-Vice Chair


C Han

Chao Han, PhD

Community Co-Vice Chair


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