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The Early Career Community has been established to involve early career members, who are the future of the organization, at a very early stage in ASCPT. Our mission is to create a Community of early career ASCPT members to share experiences, knowledge and to inspire each other.

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ASCPT Members-Only Webinar Presented by the Pharmacometrics & Pharmacokinetics (PMK) and Early Career (EC) Communities
Title: Introduction of Deep Learning in Drug Discovery and Development, Part 2: Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)
Date and Time: Friday, May 14, 2021, 1:00 pm EST
Speakers: Patrick Lang and Jagdeep Podichetty, PhD
Moderator: Sakshi Sardar, PhD
Description: Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are algorithms that are inspired by the biological neural networks present in our brains. They consist of neurons grouped into input layers, hidden layers, and output layers. These networks take in raw data and learn to perform tasks over many iterations. In this webinar, we will build off Part 1 of the Introduction to Deep Learning in Drug Discovery and Development series, diving deeper into the framework for an ANN model. More specifically, we will go over the workflow of building an ANN and the steps involved. This webinar will also discuss evaluating model performance and optimization. Finally, we will showcase an ANN model built from scratch to identify handwritten digits.
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Songmao (Ben) Zheng, PhD

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Nithya Srinivas, PhD

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Aline Bergesch Barth, PhD

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Steering Committee Members:
Ali Alhadab, MS, PharmD, PhD
Mariam Ahmed, PhD
Vivaswath Ayyar, PhD
Emily Cicali, PharmD
Pooja Manchandani, PhD
Malek Okour, PhD
Chetan Rathi, BS, MS, PhD
Sonal Singh, PhD
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