Early Career Community (EC)

The Early Career Community has been established to involve early career members, who are the future of the organization, at a very early stage in ASCPT. Our mission is to create a Community of early career ASCPT members to share experiences, knowledge and to inspire each other.

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Upcoming Webinar:

ASCPT Members-Only Webinar presented by the Systems Pharmacology (SP) and Early Career (EC) Communities
Title: Next Generation Pharmacometricians – Examples from Early Career Modelers on MID3 Implementation
Date and Time: Thursday, January 30, 2020, 1:00 pm ET
Speakers: Lulu Chu, and Songmao Zheng
Moderator: Aline Barth and Michael Block
Description: By means of using case studies, early career modelers will demonstrate how they developed the technical and soft skills to successfully implement modeling approaches and to impact discovery and drug development strategies. The presenters will reflect on the questions that had to be addressed during the modeling, the challenges they experienced, and how they successfully advocated, communicated and implemented MID3 at an early stage of their careers.
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ASCPT Members-Only Webinar presented by the Early Career (EC) Community
Title: Clinical Pharmacology Considerations in the Development of Immune-Oncology Drugs
Date and Time: Thursday, April 30, 2020, 1:00 pm ET
Speaker: Nidal Al-Huniti, PhD
Moderator: Malek Okour, PhD, and Nithya Srinivas, PhD
Description: Building on the success of PD-1 (or PD-L1) inhibitors, a wave of next generation immunotherapies with different mechanisms of action (e.g., LAG3, CD40, ICOS, TIM-3, IDO1, GITR, STING, OX40, TIGIT) are being developed across multiple oncology indications. A key characteristic of immune-oncology programs is the assessment of clinical pharmacology information in patients within safety and efficacy studies, rather than through the use of healthy volunteer studies. As a result of this condensed trajectory of development, unique opportunities exist for the use of modeling and simulation strategies to address several important questions in immune-oncology development - from translation of pre-clinical data into first-in-human studies, to the characterization of relationships between exposure and safety/efficacy in pivotal clinical trials. This webinar will focus on strategies to optimize and highlight immuno-oncology drug development and expand on pharmacometrics, clinical pharmacology and statistical strategies to optimize clinical trial design and development of immune-oncology drugs.
Registration Link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ZziZ45ahSci1dMlOumy0bA 

Past Webinar:

Early Career Transitions and Advancement: Perspectives from Academia, Industry and Regulatory

Aline Barth, PhD

Community Chair


Songmao (Ben) Zheng, PhD

Community Vice Chair


Toni Ajavon-Hartmann, PhD

Community Past Chair


Steering Committee Members:
Pooja Manchandani, PhD
Zhu Zhou, PhD
Chetan Rathi, BS, MS, PhD
Malek Okour, PhD
Nithya Srinivas, PhD
Lilian Kibathi, PharmD
Ashit Trivedi, PhD
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