Early Career Community (EC)

The Early Career Community has been established to involve early career members, who are the future of the organization, at a very early stage in ASCPT. Our mission is to create a Community of early career ASCPT members to share experiences, knowledge and to inspire each other.

Songmao (Ben) Zheng, PhD

Community Chair


N Srinivas

Nithya Srinivas, PhD

Community Vice Chair


Aline Bergesch Barth, PhD

Community Past Chair


Steering Committee Members:
Ali Alhadab, MS, PharmD, PhD
Mariam Ahmed, PhD
Vivaswath Ayyar, PhD
Emily Cicali, PharmD
Pooja Manchandani, PhD
Malek Okour, PhD
Chetan Rathi, BS, MS, PhD
Sonal Singh, PhD
Benjamin Weber, BS, MS, PhD
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