Leadership Pathways 

There are many opportunities to get involved in ASCPT. Below are just four examples highlighting how some of our members have become leaders. Get involved in ASCPT and discover your path to leadership! Select the volunteer roles that you are interested in and return the form to the ASCPT office.

Stacy S. Shord, PharmD
Education Committee 

"ASCPT continues to encourage individual members to become actively involved in the Society by providing opportunities for all members to participate via committees, meetings, and publications.  These opportunities allow individual members to continually grow as professionals and shape the field of clinical pharmacology. I recommend that those interested in getting involved in the ASCPT find a committee or scientific section within the Society that has members with common interests. Newer members will then be able to develop opportunities to learn and network with other members and help advance education and scientific opportunities.  Furthermore, new collaborations could be formed that will likely promote professional growth by leading new members to opportunities for new grants, contracts, presentations or publications."

Michael Spigarelli, MD, PhD
University of Utah
Education Committee
Coordination Committee on Scientific Sections

"ASCPT is and has been my professional home for many years.  The organization has provided an invaluable forum for the development of numerous workshops, symposia and presentations  as well as the opportunity to serve on several committees including the Education Committee, Special Populations Section and the Coordinating Committee on Scientific Sections.  Each of these have afforded me the opportunity to collaborate and interact with experts from across the spectrum of clinical pharmacology from Academics to Industry Professionals to Regulators each of which have helped me develop my career and research collaborations to their current level. ASCPT is a very strong and important professional organization with an active and diverse membership.  These are critically important attributes that allow the society to provide its members a professional home that actively promotes their career and professional development.  For those who have not yet joined the society, I highly encourage them to consider becoming involved as there is no better organization to meet and have the opportunity to interact and network with the most influential leaders within the field of Clinical Pharmacology."

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