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Title: Modernization of Eligibility Criteria Initiative: Focus on Organ Impairment and Pediatrics Working Groups
Speakers: Atiqur Nam Rahman, PhD, Division Director and Ruby Leong, PhD, Reviewer, Office of Clinical Pharmacology, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Food and Drug Administration
Moderators: Elimika Pfuma Fletcher, PharmD, PhD, and Catherine M.T. Sherwin, PhD
Date and Time: 11:00 AM, July 26, 2017
Description: Friends of Cancer Research (FOCR) and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) launched the Modernization of Eligibility Criteria Initiative in 2016. This is a collaborative effort with participants from FDA, NCI, patient advocates, pharmaceutical industry, academic and clinical investigators aimed to modernize eligibility criteria in order to promote patient participation in cancer clinical trials. The initiative began with four prioritized interdisciplinary working groups (WG): Minimum Age WG, Organ Impairment, Prior Malignancies and Comorbidities WG, Brain Metastases WG and HIV/AIDS WG. This webinar will focus on the inclusion of patients with organ dysfunction in trials and adolescent (12-18 years of age) patient’s inclusion in adult clinical trials based on recommendations from the Organ Dysfunction and Minimum Age WGs. Please see the recent article that discusses the impetus for the initiative to be discussed in this webinar. The speakers will discuss the data reviewed and the considerations behind the WG recommendations. 

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