Meeting Registration

Choose your registration method:
 Online (recommended)
  • Member Registration: You will be asked to log in and then redirected to the registration site.
  • Non-member Registration
  • Non-member Trainee registration
    Before being able to register at this rate, you will need to email a letter certifying your Student/Trainee status to meetings@ascpt.org. This letter must be submitted on letterhead and be signed by your supervisor/administrator.
Download the registration form and mail to: ASCPT
528 N. Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
*The cut-off date for accepting check to pay for registration is March 9, 2020.

Download the registration form and fax to: 703.856.5223
I am registering someone else and need to collect the required information in advance. How can I see the questions for the online registration form without starting the process?
You can download the application form here, collect the information you need, then register online.

I am registered. How do I book my hotel?
After registering, you should have received a confirmation email. This includes a link to secure your housing at the Marriott Marquis, the official hotel of the Annual Meeting, along with your receipt and full registration detail. This link is the only way to secure your room within the ASCPT housing block.

Do I have to stay at the official Annual Meeting hotel?
ASCPT strongly encourages you to support the Society and stay at the Annual Meeting hotel. ASCPT contracts with the hotel for meeting space and sleeping rooms. Staying in the headquarters hotel provides quick access to all of the scientific sessions and events, as well as providing a safe and convenient housing environment for your stay.

I’m not an ASCPT member. Can I join and get the member rate on Annual Meeting registration?
Yes. Applicants for ASCPT Membership must submit a completed application to ASCPT and meet ASCPT requirements to qualify for this discount. The membership application can be completed online for instant approval (www.ascpt.org/membership) or by filling out the printable form and emailing to lisa@ascpt.org or faxing to 703-836-5223. If the application is emailed or faxed, the applicant will be notified when his or her account is eligible to register online at the member rate. Please contact lisa@ascpt.org for questions or additional membership assistance.

I’m not an ASCPT member. I already registered but would now like to join. Can I go back and get the member rate?
Yes, although it is best to secure your membership prior to registration. Registrants who join ASCPT after completing their Annual Meeting registration will be subject to an additional $50 USD processing fee to update their registration status.

I completed my registration but now I want to add an additional activity.
To go back and add an additional activity, event, or product (such as a Pre-Conference), complete the Additional Events Registration Form and return to meetings@ascpt.org or 703-836-5223 (fax).

I am registered but a conflict has arisen and I can’t attend. Can I cancel, or send someone in my place?
To cancel or substitute your registration, review the Cancellation and Substitution Policy and complete the Cancellation Form and return to meetings@ascpt.org by Thursday, January 30, 2020, 4:00 PM EST.

What is ASCPT Replay: Annual Meeting On-Demand?
All registered attendees will receive access to our exclusive, online digital library featuring professional recordings of some of the best sessions from the ASCPT 2020 Annual Meeting with ASCPT Replay! This offer does not include Social/Guest registrations. More questions about Replay, contact meetings@ascpt.org.

Does not include Pre-Conferences.
Final payment must be received by ASCPT on or before the rate deadline.

Dec. 13-Jan. 17
Jan. 18-Mar. 21
ASCPT Member/Early Career/ Member Applicant $1,362  $1,633
Non-Member  $2,214 $2,349
Student/Trainee Member  $334 $372
Student/Trainee Non-Member  $610 $684
Speaker Member  $1,362
Emeritus  $496 $543
Social/Guest  $496 $543
Pre-Conference registration fees are not included in the ASCPT 2020 Annual Meeting registration fee.  Additional payment is required.  Register early to particpate in the Pre-Conference programs.  These programs will sell out as seating is limited.
MID3 Rollercoaster Workshop, MARCH 18, 2020 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM *Sold out - Wait-list only
 Member   $650
Non-Member   $850
Trainee/Student Member   $250
Trainee/Student Non-Member   $350
Translational and Clinical Pharmacology Advances in Anti-infective Development, MARCH 18, 2019 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Member   $600
Non-Member   $800
Trainee/Student Member   $250
Trainee/Student Non-Member   $350

Registration FAQ and Policies 
If the event is cancelled or there are circumstances beyond ASCPT’s control, ASCPT is not responsible for any airfare, hotel, or other costs incurred by registrants. If registrants are unable to attend the event due to travel-related emergencies, including flight cancellations and weather, ASCPT will not refund registration fees.
Cancellation and Substitution Policy
Cancellation Form 
Additional Events Registration Form

We look forward to seeing you at the ASCPT 2020 Annual Meeting! ASCPT recognizes that in some cases, you may need to justify the expense and time away from work in order to obtain approval from your employer or institution to attend. Here are some tools and resources to help you obtain approval.

General Tips for Justifying Attendance:
  • Quantify the Benefits: Be specific about how you will network, what you can discover in the exhibit hall and which sessions are most suitable for growth in your area. Present the benefits of attending.
  • Demonstrate the return on investment by focusing on what you will gain and the benefits you bring back.
  • Offer to deliver a short presentation to your colleagues so you can share what you learned. 
  • Be ready with a plan for staff coverage while you are attending.
  • Reduce your housing expenses by sharing a hotel room. 
  • Check out the registration page for the various rates and discounts available for ASCPT members and students/trainees.
Sample Letters to Supervisor:
Below are sample justification letters explaining the many benefits that you’ll gain from attending the ASCPT 2020 Annual Meeting. These template helps explain how the ASCPT Annual Meeting will help you grow as a professional and advance your institution. You can customize this template for your organization's particular needs.
  • Letter to Supervisor for ASCPT Members
  • Letter to Supervisor for Non-Members

  • Volunteer Toolkit
    Help us spread the word about the meeting. Here are some sample tweets and posts for #ASCPT2020.

    Click here for toolkit
    January 17, 2020, 4:00 PM EST | Advance Registration Deadline
    January 30, 2020, 4:00 PM EST | Cancellation Deadline
    February 24, 2020 | Room Reservation Deadline
    Please contact ASCPT at meetings@ascpt.org or 703-836-6981 ext 109.
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