Pharmacometabolomics (PM) Community

Community Mission

  • To promote growth and development of the field of pharmacometabolomics nationally and internationally.
  • To provide the opportunity for collaboration and association among the clinical pharmacology and pharmacometabolomics communities and researchers in related sciences to deepen our understanding of mechanisms of action of drugs and mechanisms of variation in response to drug treatment—steps that will enable a more personalized approach to therapy.
  • To catalyze connections among academia, government, and industry researchers interested in pharmacometabolomics applications.
  • To integrate pharmacometabolomics and pharmacogenomics and move toward Systems Clinical Pharmacology.
  • To provide opportunities for the presentation of research achievements and the creation of workshops to enable clinical pharmacology investigators access to pharmacometabolomics tools and knowledge.
  • To promote the publication of meritorious research in the field.

Community Goals:

  • Provide educational series on metabolomics as enabling tools for the Pharmacology Community.
  • Link Pharmacometabolomics with Pharmacogenomics and Systems Pharmacology. Create approaches for how these Communities and Networks can collaborate to move the Society forward.
  • Take advantage of Precision Medicine Initiative and President Obama’s mandate to have a voice for the Society within this global initiative.
  • Initiate discussions with other societies for possible partnerships and further collaboration.
  • Build on the Community to focus on early career members.
  • Plan for the future of clinical pharmacology and how professionals from outside of the field can assist in shaping Annual Meeting programming.
  • Highlight the importance of the gut microbiome in clinical pharmacology.
  • Emphasize tools of pharmacometabolomics that can transform understanding and optimization and the link to global initiatives.
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Sudeepa Bhattacharyya, PhD

Community Chair


Sihem Bihorel (Ait-Oudhia), PharmD, PhD

Community Vice Chair


Thomas Hankemeier, BS, MSc, PhD

Community Past Chair


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