Special Populations (SPO) Community

The Special Populations Community focuses on research with groups of patients that differ with regard to human development (pediatrics, geriatrics, pregnancy), gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, body condition (obesity/malnutrition), or lifestyle (drug dependence, smoking).

Community Mission

The mission of the SPO Community is to engage members from academia, industry, and regulatory agencies in the development of scientific expertise and innovative tools to address the unique challenges and needs of special populations. The community fosters collaborations and knowledge-sharing among clinical pharmacologists interested in special populations and advocates for the inclusion of diverse patient populations in research..

Community Goals

The ASCPT Special Populations (SPO) Community aims to advance clinical pharmacology and translational research for special populations. These populations include pediatric, geriatric, sex, and ethnic groups, as well as individuals with conditions such as renal or hepatic impairment, pregnancy, lactation, genetic polymorphisms, obesity, low body weight, drug dependence, and smoking.

Community Objectives

  • Foster scientific expertise and awareness among community members to address unique challenges and needs of special populations.
  • Encourage development of innovative pharmacological tools and methods to address the needs of special populations.
  • Facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among clinical pharmacologists, regulatory agencies, and industry to improve the understanding of factors impacting therapeutic outcomes in special populations.
  • Advocate inclusion of diverse patient populations in clinical research and promote development of guidelines and best practices for conducting research in special populations.
  • Support creation of educational resources, such as webinars and programming for ASCPT Annual Meeting, to inform and engage community members on issues related to special populations.
  • Provide a platform for community members to propose and sponsor programming, offer feedback, and respond to ideas and initiatives from the community.
By joining us, you'll have the opportunity to connect with experts in the field, share knowledge and insights, and collaborate on cutting-edge research initiatives. By working together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse research landscape that benefits patients from all backgrounds. Let's work together to make a difference. Join the ASCPT SPO Community today!
P Lukka

Pradeep Lukka, MS, PhD

Community Chair


Mayur Ladumor

Mayur Ladumor, PhD

Community Vice Chair


B van Groen

Bianca van Groen, PharmD, PhD

Community Past Chair


SPO Steering Committee
Kit Wun Kathy Cheung, PharmD
Damayanthi Devineni, PhD
Naomi Gronich, MD
Gina Patel, PhD
Elimika Pfuma Fletcher, PharmD, PhD
Paulien Ravenstijn, PhD
Martina Sahre, PhD
Farzaneh Salem, PharmD, PhD
Nori Smeets, MD
Youssef Roman, PharmD, PhD
Mayur Ladumor, PhD
Rissy Wesonga, MSc
Rachel Hudson, PhD
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