February 2019: Student Trainee Profile

Published on 2/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Kevin M. Huang, BS, Graduate Research Associate, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Kevin began his training as an undergraduate researcher for 3 years in a preclinical drug development and cancer pharmacology laboratory. Through his mentor, Dr. Ying Huang, he was encouraged to pursue a graduate degree in pharmaceutical sciences. Shortly after completing his undergraduate degree he was accepted into the graduate program at the Ohio State University. He is currently training in his PhD program under the guidance of Dr. Alex Sparreboom. Kevin is working on the role of drug transporters in chemotherapy‐induced toxicities. He greatly appreciated his mentor; he explains that Dr. Sparreboom's guidance has greatly advanced Kevin's knowledge in drug transporters, organ toxicity, drug‐drug interactions, and disposition. Kevin credits Dr. Sparreboom's membership with his own acceptance into 2‐year graduate fellowship.

Understanding the role of drug transporters in chemotherapy‐induced toxins is Mr. Huang's particular area of interest. The impact this area has on patients has motivated his work. He is fascinated and committed because as patients with cancer are burdened with disease, the adverse side effects associated with therapy negatively impact their quality of life. His goal, and the goal of his colleagues, is to improve patient quality of life and optimize therapy by developing intervention strategies to mitigate side effects.

Dr. Sparreboom recommended joining ASCPT to Kevin. Since he joined, Kevin has found that the close‐knit community of ASCPT has allowed him to foster many collaborative relationships with other scientists in the field. His membership has helped him develop his career as a professional scientist with many others with similar areas of interest. He looks forward to “continuing [his] journey with the ASCPT community.”

Kevin has been a member of ASCPT since 2017. In 2018, he received an ASCPT Student/Trainee Travel Grant to attend the ASCPT Annual Meeting and present a poster.

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