Letter from the Presidents of ASCPT and ISoP

Author: [AUTHOR] Published on 6/15/2020 8:56:00 AM

Dear Member:
Since 2012, the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT) and the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) have maintained a dual membership offering as a benefit to both organizations' members. This offering has been a positive experience for both Societies and their members who have availed themselves of the opportunity.  During this collaboration, we have carefully and thoughtfully looked to the future, acknowledging that as ISoP matured into the burgeoning organization it has become today, the time for a new membership model would eventually come. Therefore, after considerable discussion and deliberation, we announce that the decision of the Boards of Directors of ASCPT and ISoP is that as of December 31, 2020, the dual membership option will come to an end.  
ASCPT and ISoP have worked closely over the years since ISoP was founded. ASCPT welcomed the opportunity to share with ISoP experience in association development gained from its rich 122-year history and ISoP brought its unique quantitative perspectives to the collaboration. Doing so enabled members from both organizations to benefit. However, the growing administrative burden and costs associated with this effort detract from our collective ability to maximize member benefit. 
ASCPT and ISoP will continue to collaborate scientifically, upholding a shared passion and dedication for the fields we represent. We thank those members who have supported the dual membership option. Neither organization could exist without the time, expertise, and enthusiasm you offer. If you came to one of our Societies through the dual option, we look forward to continuing to support you through the end of your dual membership term and beyond. Moving forward, your appropriate contacts are:
Lisa Infelise, Senior Director of Membership
lisa@ascpt.org or (703) 836-6981 ext. 102
Enrico Smith, Director of Operations and Membership
enrico.smith@go-isop.org or 908-253-3608
We look forward to continuing to provide tremendous value for our members in 2021 and beyond.
Susan M. Abdel-Rahman, PharmD                               Brenda Cirincione, PhD
ASCPT President                                                          ISoP President 

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