Every Voice Matters in Civil (and Professional) Societies

Author: Published on 11/12/2020 7:06:00 AM

I sit here crafting this blog during the United States election week as we continue to watch the ballots being counted that will determine which civil servants will take office at the highest levels of our government. No matter our political leaning, a highlight of this this election is the near record levels of voter turnout. It underscores a collective recognition of the importance of being engaged in the matters that shape our lives and demonstrates the extent to which individuals can participate in the process when they are given a mechanism to express their voice.

With implications that are decidedly less divisive, engagement in your chosen professional society is also important. By lending your voice to the discussions taking place in our organization, you ensure that ASCPT will continue to effectively serve the needs of our members as they navigate their careers.

In appreciation of the importance of member engagement, I am delighted to share details about the Network and Community Experience (NCE) that will serve to kick off our Annual Meeting (#ASCPT2021). For the first time in recent ASCPT history, each and every Network and Community will have dedicated and unopposed time to meet; to come together around a unique scientific aspect of our discipline; and to participate in professional development, networking, leadership, and scientific discourse. The opportunities for engagement during the NCE are limited only by your imagination.

We are planning NCE events at times when our European and Asian members can participate live in an attempt to bring everyone together. So please plan to join us at any (or every) meeting that interests you. You do not need to be a member of that Network or Community to participate, you just need to be registered for the ASCPT Annual Meeting and willing to engage with these important elements of our Society during this dedicated time. We look forward to welcoming you there.

#ASCPT2021… Not your Father’s Annual Meeting!

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